*Updated Aug 2018 – FiveFour Club is now The Menlo House Club.  I have not tried them since the brand change*

So we received our 2nd Men's Fashion Subscription – FiveFour and well, it was just ok. The 1st box we received was a disappointment and this box was just slightly better, but I'm not sure if it's good enough to keep it going.  Here is the unboxing

Once again, the packaging is just ok, the contents are just ok and the service/process is just bad.  The quality of the clothing seems cheap and my Nordstrom shopping husband doesn't like the textures/materials.  Anyhow, after this round we have decided to part ways once and for all with Men's Fashion Subscription – FiveFour.  Below is Jonathan in the sweater and pants he received.

*Updated info – I e-mailed Nicole, my Men's Fashion Subscription – FiveFour girl with a couple of questions because I was confused about some charges and this latest box we received.  I learned that the box above is actually just a replacement box as an “I'm sorry and Thank you” for the silly coat we received in our first FiveFour Club Review.  So we still have our November box on its way!  Crossing my fingers for an improvement.*

*Update Update – received the box, didn't like it, won't post it went to cancel and they asked me to pause so I said yes, more to come later then*

We have not washed anything yet so I'm not sure what the turn out will be after.  The colors are nice, but I just think the style/quality of clothing they provide isn't a match for my dapper, metro husband.

Men's Fashion Subscription- FiveFour

*Disclaimer: these are just my opinions and I apologize in advance for misspelling, typos & overall nonsense (ie: keyword stuffing)!

Much Love,

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