May 2020 – This box is closed!

About Mission Cute

Each month, we work with a very special nonprofit to help promote their mission, raise awareness, and donate a portion of our monthly net proceeds from the MissionCute boxes and shop to their organization.  Get a monthly box of cute stuff to enjoy!

Mission Cute Review

Mission Cute Review

Y'all, how awesome is this?  A subscription box full of cute things that supports nonprofits and organizations giving back!  Not only is the name cute and how they give back cute, the contents of this box are cute!  I received 6 items in Deluxe box, they also have a Mini box with 3-4 items inside.  I received an adorable gold pineapple necklace, a Flamingle 5×7 print, a Sip, Shine, Smile, Seek Summer tumbler, a black lace headband, the cutest Watermelon zip pouch ever, and an awesome tortoise shell sunglasses (with flex fit) and a bag for them.  The total value of this box is $79 and I got it for only $39.  Check out the photos below:

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