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ModaBox – Womens Luxe Clothing Curator

This post does contain affiliate links but is not sponsored by or promoted by anyone. These are all my own thoughts, ideas and comparisons. Thanks for reading about ModaBox – Womens Luxe Clothing Curator.

Updated December 2019

What is ModaBox?

ModaBox combines fashion and technology to transform women’s homes into the ultimate fitting room. We learn shopper preferences through a Style Profile and contact with a dedicated personal shopper. We provide a seamless, personalized shopping experience to women in all shapes and sizes. All delivered to the shopper's door in a beautifully curated package, per their schedule. Styling and shipping is completely free. Clients only pay for the items they love.

Frequency: As your request, not auto renewing

Size: 0 – 24W (XS – 3X

Cost: No Style or Shipping Fees, Items cost $80 – $300 & 3 Different Boxes to Choose from: 2, 4 or 6 outfits.  There is a Buy All Discount!

Recommend: Yes!

Coupon Code: Get $25 off a purchase of $100 or more below

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My ModaBox Experience

Womens Luxe Clothing Curator – ModaBox is not a subscription box, it is clothing curation company that shops for you only when you need it.  No subscriptions to worry about, just reach out when you are ready to freshen up your wardrobe or before any big trips, meetings, or holidays and your stylist will be at hand.  I received my very 1st box from my stylist Sara.  If you guys have followed me for any time at all, you know my all time favorite stylist from Stitch Fix is named Sara so I took this as a sign.  Guess what?  I was right, she did an awesome job!

Your 1st box is always the hardest.  You don't know what to expect and your stylist is still learning you.  For my 1st box I liked the style of all of it.  Some of the outfits were less me but I appreciated the stretching as I so need it.  It is easy for me to get stuck in a wardrobe rut.  My biggest “problem” with this box was fit, which isn't uncommon (or really a problem).  My new stylist is getting to know me all the way from across the freaking USA all online.  Not the easiest thing to do with just 1 meeting,  BUT the best part is….once they know your style and get your body type, they can take you to places you never imagined!  They are your fashion brain and it's a beautiful thing!

Check out my Box Here:

  • Outfit #1- BCBG Gen. Vegan Leather Jacket, Workshop Plaid Frayed Shirt and Sanctuary Robbie High Skinny Jeans

Then I took the jacket off, it was a little too heavy for the Texas weather I live in and I didn't like the print inside.

  • Outfit #2 – Lipslide Flower Printed Kimono, Buffalo Knitted Lace Tank Top, and Joe's High Rise Flare Jeans

Then if you remove the Kimono you get.

The option to this look was to replace the knit top with the Blush Noir Wrap Tie Top as seen below.

Then if you remove the Kimono you get this.

Womens Luxe Clothing Curator

  • Outfit #3 – Philosophy Bomber Jacket, MPG Melody Top and Current Unhem Bottom Jeans.

Remove the Bomber Jacket and you get.

  • Outfit #4 – Jessica Simpson Toadstool Top and NYDJ Stretch Straight Leg Denim pant.

So…What did I keep?  I set for myself a budget of $250 so I chose my items with this in mind.  I kept the Flower Printed Kimono, the Knitted Lace Tank Top, the Wrap-Tie Top and the Plaid Frayed Shirt = $245.00 BAM!!!

Overall Thoughts:

My stylist Sara really did an awesome job!  This was her very 1st time to work with me and I had to stay focused to stay within my budget.  I had a couple of items I thought were only ok and a couple that were too big but I really loved most of the box.  I love the Joe High Rise Flair Jeans, the Coral Skinny Jeans, the Bomber Jacket even intrigued me.  They do offer a Keep It All discount just FYI 🙂  Womens Luxe Clothing Curator

So want to give them a try?  I think you should!  Sign up here to get $25 off a purchase of $100 or more!

xoxo Samantha

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