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From Monday Sparkles: We are a tween subscription box company that brings Earth, love, and sparkle to the lives of tweens. Each box is curated to inspire girls to be great global citizens, learn the importance of self-love, gain confidence and be a part of a special community that celebrates this transformative stage. We want to bring positivity, fun, and eco-consciousness into the lives of as many tween girls as possible. We also want to teach our girls the value of giving back. Each subscription we will donate $1 to either a charity or a worthy organization. Our SparkleTribe will help decide to whom the donations go to. Preadolescence or the “Tween Years” can bring its own challenges and anxieties, and, unlike most of the phases of childhood before this, crucial elements of preadolescence are starkly different for boys and girls. It is here that anxieties, development, and self-esteem can take unwanted turns. Now enter social media and the ugly aspects of bullying, body image, and peer relationships can quickly spiral out of control. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We want to reinforce the positive and help girls across the country celebrate this special time in their lives…One box at a time.

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Monday Sparkles Review

Monday Sparkles Review

**Update on Nov 30th – I just spoke with the owners and all their boxes do come with a content card and instructions, mine was just missing and they said it is easy to e-mail that over.  So that is great!  What I thought were drop clothes in the video are actually pillow cases to decorate for the Slumber Party…isn't that soooo cute!  Great idea.  I do have to say I am disappointment in the customer service experience with them.  I expected a quick and easy “we forgot the instructions, sorry about that e-mail” but I walked away feeling scolded 🙁  Their 1st box I received was just a bunch of cute stuff, no real instructions needed so I was expecting the same thing with this box when clearly this one was more curated and precise and needed that card to clear things up.  Once I have the instructions we will complete the projects and let you know how they do.  Watch Instagram for photos.

Original Post – I have to say I think this subscription is so so so cute!  Perfect for teens and tweens!  I fact, a couple of these items I plan on keeping for myself they are so cute.  I think this is a great value in that you get a lot of stuff and all great, quality items. The theme is Slumber Party and this is the Winter Box!  In this box we received a variety of things: a tube full of Truth or Dares, 3 planters pots, a bag of soil, 3 Annie's Organic Chewy Chocolate Chip bars, 3 Trader's Joes Organic Suckers, a bag full of markers, Bizzie Hippie DIY Lemon Lippie Kit, 2 slumber party invites, 3 sets of stickers, the BYOU magazine and 3 Pillow cases (which in the video I thought were drop cloths).  Everything looks so neat!  What I don't like, there is no content break out to ensure I have everything and there are no instructions on what to do with everything.  From what I can see there is 1 item for the party thrower and 2 items for 2 guests.  In our house it will be 1 item for mom and 2 items for kids to complete 🙂  Check out the following:

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