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We're a kick ass club for guys that want to smell good all day, every day without spending a fortune. Our hyper, premium, oil colognes are made with the exact same exotic, raw materials and essential oils as the spray on designer brands. They're so good, that we back them up with the best guarantee on anything, anywhere, Period.

Musk Club Review

Here is my Musk Club review and I am very impressed with the presentation of this box.  Right now they are at Kickstarter still in the beginning stages and they have mastered packaging.  Once you open the box you are presented with great info on how to wear your cologne, where to apply it, how to store it and the guarantee.  Very impressive!  Then you dive into the colognes.  I received 4 to try with cards breaking out when to wear them, what seasons are best to where them during, what occasions are appropriate and their strengths.  Very impressed that this info is included so I ran my own little experiment.  I tested each cologne against the info they provided to see if I (and others) agreed….it was nearly 100% dead on with what my polls found.  Also, the scents are amazing!  I keep walking by and rubbing them on my hubby!!!  I highly recommend this men's cologne subscription and encourage you to check out the guarantee on their website.

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