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My 1000 Gifts list #5

So I wrote out this entire post and saved it.  Came back to share it and it was gone.  I don't know what I did and I got so sad and just walked away.  After taking a few weeks to regroup and recount my blessings I am back.

This is my list of the 1000 beautiful gifts God has given me.  My Why for living!  My Why for fighting!  This is My Why for life itself!  Catch up on numbers 1 – 50 and to read my backstory please visit 1000 Gifts for Me!  To see 51 – 100 please visit My One Thousand Gifts list continued.  To see 101 – 149 go here My One Thousand Gifts list continues.  And my list of my One Thousand Gifts God has Given Me Numbers 150 – 199.

So today I start my new list with 200 – 249 [I’ll update this until I reach my goal]. My 1000 Gifts list #5 continued here…

200.  Crossway Bible Church and Pastor Josh

201.  Teachers who teach truth not comfort

202.  Studying Ecclesiastes

203.  Praise and Worship music

204.  The way we can access music just about anywhere we are

205.  Dave Ramsey and his education program

206.  The ability to work towards being 100% debt free

207.  The time and resources Dave Ramsey provides

208.  Christy Wright and her team

209.  Getting to listen to Christy on spotify and feeling so encouraged

210.  Education and the endless resource of it

211.  The internet

212.  XM Radion

213.  My readers on my blog

214.  My followers and likers on social media

215.  Those who encourage me to keep going when the going gets tough

216.  My husband's hard work ethic

217.  My husband ability to figure just about anything out

218.  Learning construction and how to remodel

219.  YouTube and YouTubers

My 1000 Gifts list

220.  Home Depot

221.  Floor and Decor

222.  Tile Floors

223. Luxury vinyl

224.  People who dedicate their time to show us how to install said floors

225.  People who give

226.  This house (it's so cute)

227.  Opportunties to expand and grow

228.  Our beautiful green grass

229.  Fertilizer

230.  Battery Powered lawn tools

231.  Rain

232.  Neighbors

233.  Our neighborhood swimming pool

234.  Our neighborhood swimming pool family get togethers

235.  Hair products

236.  A great hair diffuser

237.  That my job allows me to play with lots of hair products

238.  Curly hair

239.  My daughter's hair

240.  Hair products that smell yummy

241.  Sitting in bed watching movies with my hubby

242.  All of our detox times

243.  Laughing uncontrollably with my husband

244.  Watching my husband play video games while I read a book

245.  My husbands passion for icecream

246.  My growing passion for icecream

247.  That my girls love icecream

248.  Icecream LOL

249.  Making icecream sundaes as a family

My 1000 Gifts list #5

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