About My First Reading Club

My First Reading Club is a gift you give your child that last's their whole life. Each month three hand-picked books will be carefully boxed and sent to your doorstep. Your child will view My First Reading Club as a gift they receive every month further reinforcing how wonderful it is to read.

Cost: as low as $18.99

Frequency: Monthly

Age Options: Newborn – 3 Years & 4-5 Years & 6-8 Years & 9-10 Years & 11-12 Years

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Our My First Reading Club Experience

Hey Guys!  I hope you are doing fabulous today!  We are because we got our favorite book subscription in 🙂  If you are here looking to learn more about the price change go here.  Otherwise, welcome, check out the books we got this month.  Every month you get 3 – 4 books based on the age range you selected.  We typically get a mix of easy reading, more in-depth reading and a coloring or interactive book.  The kids color and do the interactive books 100% of the time and honestly, only about 75% of the time do we read all the books we get.  However, all the books that aren't a match for my kids make excellent gifts!  So once we got a book that my girls deemed a boy book.  Guess what moms?  The very next boy birthday party we were invited to I was set!

So here is me and my crew doing what we love to do: unboxing goodies!  My girls literally beg me to do this unboxing.  Each of the girls are taking turns doing the unboxings so this month you have Emma and next month you will have Paige. This is their favorite unboxing to do!

My First Reading Club 2018 Review

Sign up for My First Reading Club here.  And go here if you want to see other MFRC Reviews.  Thank you for reading about My First Reading Club 2018 Review.

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