May 2020 – This box is closed

About My Lemon Crate

In your monthly subscription you will receive all of the supplies needed to make 3-5 complete recipes using your crate contents each month.  Enjoy the convenience of pre-packaged DIY kits with therapeutic grade, essential oil samples and premium natural ingredients.

Here is my Lemon Crate review and I am very excited to show off My Lemon Crate, an essential oils subscription box!  So I am a skeptic and when I first heard about “essential oils” about 2 years ago I laughed (literally out loud) then I ate my words.  I, now, am a believer!  I love essential oils!  They have so many purposes, 2 of which are what I live for: smelling good and anti-bacterial/cleansing 🙂  So when My Lemon Crate reached out to me I was so excited to check them out!  I didn't research a lot on them because I wanted the initial unboxing to be a surprise and I'm so happy I waited!  The box is so awesome!  I learned 2 new recipes and got to try mixing and products I never have before.  Great way to learn and get educated while having fun.  My biggest complaint about oils is this: I am busy and don't have time to research and study all the ways they are beneficial….well I now have my answer in My Lemon Crate.  Seriously, this is a must try!  It benefits not only your health, but your overall well being.  I spray Lavender on my bed each night before bedtime and its AMAZING!  My own little spa time!  So go NOW and sign up!

Oily friends, please check this out.  It will help you grow and learn new things not to mention it's just like Christmas once a month.  So fun!!!  Support another small business working hard to keep everyone healthy! Coupon Code for 1st timers: PINKGIFT to get a free gift using the button above to subscribe!

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