About Weekly Tasting

The Weekly Tasting is the newest way to experience the splendor of wine in the comfort of your own home.  Each week one of our Wine Experts will present a 4-pack of wine with a common theme (think ‘Bold Tuscan Wines’ or ‘White Wine You Must Try’). With each pack you gain access guided tasting video that helps you better understand each bottle and its pairings. Weekly Tasting is not a club – so you’ll never be stuck with a pack you didn’t pick out. Join Weekly Tasting today and be the friend with fantastic wines.

Frequency: your decide, each week there is a new tasting to check out

Cost: $69.99 for 3-4 full sized bottles from your sommelier with recipe card for pairings, no membership fees & $99.99 for the Wine Class: Intro To Tasting (seen in the unboxing above)

Recommend: Yes!  Especially for those wanting a less permanent relationship with a wine club or subscription

My Weekly Tasting Experience

First, I want to start with the box I opened in the video above then I want to jump to past boxes so you get the full feel on things.  I AM SO EXCITED FOR MY VERY 1ST WINE CLASS.  I am doing the Intro to Tasting where they are going to teach my husband and I, online, about how wine is made, the reason for the colors we see, the different things we are tasting, tannins, acids and much more!  Once we have completed the class I will get back on here and let you know my thoughts.

But for now, I am just so excited!  I also found out if you buy the Featured Wine Tasting you get 50% off the class which means 6 bottles of wine for $49 + the course which is nuts.  I'm totally planning a whole date night around this for the two of us.  But as you can see in the video, we received 6 different types of wine to learn about as well as the coordinating cards that talk about the topics.  So now, we only need to hop online and get things started.  More to come.

My Past Weekly Tastings

So I have been a “member” (stalking my tasting e-mails sent each week) for 5 weeks now and I think Weekly Tasting is brilliant.  I have been using them for date nights for my hubby and I.  We grab a bottle, watch the video online about the bottle and then we drink and cook together the recommended pairing.  The pairings have been easy to make and very yummy.  Check out one of our date nights below.

So it is easy to say that I love it!  Their website is easy to use.  The weekly tasting themes are relatable and fun.  And you have the ability to really learn wine (this is the part I really love)!  We searched the bottles on Vivino and 1 bottle is a $33 value and rated 4.1 out of 5.  Another is $23 and is a 3.8 out of 5.  We have enjoyed 5 of the bottles from our 4 tastings we have received. And we have loved 2 bottles, liked 2 bottles and not liked 1 bottle.  Thus far, all reds wines we have tried.  So for what we consider “blind tastings” we think the statics are great and we had a lot of fun trying them.

As always I will continue to test the products out, as well as watch the video guides and cook the pairings they recommend.  I will also complete my 1st wine class too.  I will be back to break out my experiences on both in more detail.  But for now, I am impressed and I say, sign up using the button above and see what you think.  It is cost free to start seeing what they prepare for each month and you only join in if you want to.  You also only join in 1 week at a time, there aren't commitments and skips to remember.  Easy breezy wine club!

Weekly Tasting Unboxing

Click the big photo on top to watch me unbox the wine and talk about the items I found inside!  Click HERE to see my 1st unboxing with my thoughts on it.

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