Hey Guys, we had the amazing privilege of partnering with Google. We are showing off and share tips and tricks for National Safer Internet Day. Join our family in celebrating Safer Internet Day! Here’s what we’re learning at the Be Internet Awesome adventure in San Antonio, TX that we attended yesterday.

Keeping You in the Know: I am being compensated by the sponsor for my participation in this campaign. I am a part of Forward Influence.

How to be S.M.A.R.T. when online

On the official date of Safer Internet Day we headed downtown to Sunset Stations. Here we checked out this amazing interactive experience Google set up for Together for a Better Internet. They took my husband, myself and our 2 kids through an interactive, educational experience to explore 5 zones of Internet safety and digital citizenship. Here we learned about information sharing online, strong passwords, phishing and scams. But most importantly, how to spread kindness on the web. And when it’s best to talk out what you’ve seen with a trusted adult.  This brilliantly set up maze of interactive games and training is targeted for 3rd – 6th graders however my 5 and 7 year old HAD A BLAST!!!

Google did a great job of setting up everything to really fulfill the theme of Come Together for a Better Internet with your family by using Be Internet Awesome as their theme.  But the coolest part is that if you were not at the actual event it is ok! They have set up everything online starting with their program’s NEW Family Guide and then encourage your kids to put their skills to the test with Interland at g.co/Interland .  I want to encourage parents/guardians and kids alike to discover and learn on these platforms they have provided us.  You can also follow along and learn more here:

Here are a few photos from our day:

REMEMBER: Have a conversation with your kids about how to be safe and smart online and everyday by using the information you learned from Be Internet Awesome

How to teach your kids to use the internet safely HERE!  #sponsored #BeInternetAwesome #SaferInternetDay
How to teach your kids to use the internet safely HERE! #sponsored #BeInternetAwesome #SaferInternetDay

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