About Goodbeing

Goodbeing (formerly goodebox) is a premium discovery and trial service providing expertly curated, healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural wellness and sustainable, toxin-free living goods. Is Goodbeing a good fit for you? Do you prefer cleaner beauty? Do you value expertly curated product selections? And do you enjoy of variety of products? Are you looking to purchase full size items you fall in love with? If you answered Yes, then you are a match!

Cost: $24.95 – they have 2 to choose from: Beauty & Lifestyle

Frequency: Monthly

My Goodbeing Review

This Natural Beauty Subscription Box is a great one.  Goodbeing is a trial & discovery box providing 4-5 curated, personalized healthy beauty + natural wellness products monthly. You pick 1-2 products a month to try, the box is often double the value & member’s receive exclusive perks. They send you premium brands for you to try out, if you like the results you can go online and buy them.  It is an excellent way to discover natural products without having to run around tracking them down.  Goodbeing has an awesome website that is easy to use and they have a great online shop.

If you are on the lookout for premium brands to try, this beauty box is for you!  I have fully tested the Smart Ash teeth whitener and it is awesome!  This stuff really work.  A little goes a long way and it is super funny to brush with because your entire mouth will be black but once done your teeth are literally squeaky clean and whitened.  It's all natural so kids can use it too!  I love my bright and shiny SmartAsh mouth 😉  I also love the red Rafiki bracelet.  So I totally will wear it to support Health month and non holidays like Christmas and 4th of July!  Goodbeing Box is the best and I do recommend this Natural Beauty Subscription Box!

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