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One Thousand gifts – living in eucharisteo
One Thousand gifts – living in eucharisteo


One Thousand gifts – living in eucharisteo

I started reading the book one thousand gifts to bring me through a trying time in my life.  Little did I know just how this book would encourage, revive, restructure and guide me.  Pride crushing, spirit guiding, and grace filled words flowing across the pages reminding me with each line that God Loves Me! He loves me so very much and He shows me in 1000 ways each and every day.

John 10:10 – The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]. (AMP)

It did not take long for the word Eucharisteo to become a staple in my life. What is Eucharisteo? It is Grace, Thanksgiving and Joy! How beautiful is that! In a world full of hurt and disappointment there is joy covered in grace with thanksgiving.

The author Ann is a beautiful writer. Her words are so eloquent they draw you in and you can visualize her stories. She is a busy mom, who also helps with the family farm, while also homeschooling her kiddos, who battles with worry and past baggage like so many of us. One day she decides to no longer sit in her sadness and creates change. In her book she tells how she started searching for the joy and grace and thanksgiving in every one of life’s moments.

So Ann, I have decided to join you. I will no longer sit here entertaining thoughts in my head that have no place being there in the first place. I will no longer sit in doubt or self pity but rather, I am vowing to actively look for the Eucharisteo in each and every day….heck in each and every moment and I will be using my blog as accountability.

Here’s my list of One Thousand Gifts God has Given Me! [I’ll update this until I reach my goal]

  1. my husband asleep, holding my hand in both of his, all resting on his chest while I read, he sleeps
  2. my babies talking in their sleep
  3. the egg song each morning from my feather babies out back
  4. the smell of coffee each morning as my husband brings me a cup in bed
  5. sadness when I miss a call from my sister
  6. laughter from my kiddos each morning as they come running out of their bedrooms
  7. my furbabies meowing trying to get my attention
  8. fall decorations
  9. pumpkin spice everything
  10. my husband's crescent moon shaped eyes when he laughs really hard
  11. singing in the car with my kids
  12. the song – It Is Well With my Soul
  13. frozen pizza and diet coke
  14. monogramming things
  15. my hydrangeas in the back yard
  16. how my husband loves to cuddle every night
  17. my youngest wearing her cat headphones and laughing out loud at her cat cartoons
  18. little mouth smacking (despite me begging them to chew with their mouths closed)
  19. pizza margarita
  20. a good book and silence
  21. taking naps
  22. my oldest asking me to pick her up even though she is already over half my height
  23. tortilla soup
  24. when my youngest gets stuck on a thought and can't complete her sentence
  25. unicorns
  26. the smell of windex and bleach
  27. my oldest talking about animals and seeing her passion for them
  28. my husbands willingness to be optimistic by choice, even when it isn't easy, he chooses positivity
  29. my niece giggling as my youngest acts silly
  30. eating delicious Japanese foods
  31. looking through my husband's photos from his last engagement photo shoot
  32. a big glass of red wine
  33. hanging with my beautiful family pool side
  34. watching my adorable nephew learn to use a spoon
  35. painting my nails
  36. watching my dad and my uncle laugh until they are crying
  37. hearing my cousin, the youngest of our group, is pregnant
  38. getting my hair done
  39. visiting with my neighbors
  40. receiving gardening tips from my green thumb neighbor 2 houses down
  41. talking with older and wiser women in my life
  42. telling my kids jokes
  43. eating Italian food
  44. filming unboxings with my oldest
  45. eating hummus with my hubby as our midnight snack
  46. the tv series Outlander (ok skeletons are coming out)
  47. red wine
  48. shopping at Nordstrom
  49. gathering eggs
  50. feeding our leftover food to the chickens

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