About Outside the Box by Cheeky Days

Outside The Box is a monthly subscription box for families with a focus on community and giving. Each box provides an opportunity for your family to connect, create and give to the community and we at Cheeky Days will also give to the selected community organization each month. What's unique about Outside The Box? Well, it's not simply about what's in the box, it's about moving beyond the box, creating a movement of small actions focusing on what unites us, and moves us from me to we. We can't wait to see your creativity and how your family will live outside the box. Join us on the journey!

Outside the Box by Cheeky Days Review

My Outside the Box Review!

I AM IN LOVE with this family giving back subscription box!!!!!  Ok, I have to write this in order from outside to inside or I will be all over the place 🙂  So Outside the Box by Cheeky Days is a Houston company that was kind enough to share one of their 1st boxes with me and I am so happy they did.  This is the Siblings Box:  The outside of the box is very cute, well labeled and sturdy.  When you open it you see the contents and that month's non-profit they have teamed with.  This month is Soles4Souls, more to come on this.  On the top of the box contents you will find the breakout of the products found in the box, what they are and where they are from.  Flip that paper over and you can read more about that month's organization.  Printed uniquely on a piece of long cardstock, this paper has all the info you need for the box. So first I dove into the Sole Challenge – next time I buy a pair of shoes for myself, I have a 2nd pair and send them to Soles4Souls.  They provided me the address already printed on a sticky label so I just slap it on the box!  They also gave me a challenge (which my Type A personality loves) – I am to record and share my shoe purchase and then challenge someone to do the same.  So watch out….My challenge is coming to one of you soon!  You can see more about this here soles4souls.org/challenge  Ok the 1st item I pull out is the Sugar Cookie kit, complete with dry mix and 2 shoe cookie cutters.  The challenge is to cook these together as a family then share them with neighbors, friends and more!  The mix is from Picnic Box Lunch here in Houston.  I can't wait to try these!  Next I pull out a gift for Mom (YAY) it is an adjustable ring from Lovassion and it is SO cute!!!!  I love it!  Then I pulled out the Shoelace Craft kit which provided me 2 for my kids and 2 more to pass along with the shoes I purchase for Soles4Souls.  What a brilliant idea!  Next I found 2 shirts – one for each kid and each with their own saying created by Mama Said Tees.  These shirts are way cute and super soft!  Then lastly I pull out the book Strictly No Elephants and it is way cute!  My kids LOVE this book as do I.  So this box has 11 items in it and is only $68.97 a month including shipping for 2 kids and donations!  This box easily has over $100 worth the items in it.  AMAZING!

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