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Owl Post Books is the perfect subscription to get your little ones into reading! Knowing each book is carefully picked by an educator with over 15 yrs experience and not just some random book you picked off a store shelf is amazing! We all want to do our very best as parents for our children, and having someone give their expertise in something like this is worth every penny!

Owl Post Books

Items in our Kid's Book Boxes:

0-3 Imagination Box:
My Book of Blue $5.99
Hide and Peek Animals $8.99
Stem: Inside My Body – Learn What Makes You Work $5.99
Nacho Chip Magnet Craft

4-7 Imagination Box:
Like a Diamond in the Sky – by Elizabeth Brown $18.99
Luci Soars – by Lulu Delacre $17.99
Dancing Hands – by Margarita Engle $18.99
Guacamole Magnet Craft

8-10 Imagination Box:
Eat Bugs Project Startup – by Heather Alexander $14.99
Quest for the Crystal Crown – by Annabeth Bondor-Stone & Connor White $13.99
Murder on the Safari Star – by M.G. Leonard & Sam Sedgman $17.99
Guacamole Magnet Craft

11-13 Imagination Box
River Magic – by Ellen Booraem $16.99
Even and Odd – by Sarah Beth Durst $16.99
City of Illusion – by Victoria Ying $22.99
Guacamole Magnet Craft

Young Adult Fantasy Imagination Box:
Darling – by K. Ancrum $18.99
Fire With Fire – by Destiny Soria $17.99
The Light at the Bottom of the World – by London Shah $17.99

About Owl Post Books:

Owl Post Books is a book subscription box service that offers a unique and immersive reading experience for book lovers of all ages. The company curates and delivers carefully selected books and themed goodies to enhance the reading journey. Each month, subscribers receive a thoughtfully chosen book tailored to their selected age group and genre preferences. Owl Post Books focuses on providing a personalized touch by offering boxes for different age ranges, including picture books, middle-grade, young adults, and even adult fiction. What sets Owl Post Books apart is their dedication to creating a captivating reading experience. Along with the book, subscribers receive various related items, such as bookmarks, literary-themed trinkets, activity kits, and treats that align with the book's theme. These extras aim to immerse readers in the story's world and make the reading experience more engaging and enjoyable.

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