What is Oyster Bake?  Is Oyster Bake kid friendly or should I get a babysitter?  Where is it?  These are just a few of the questions I have received and I wanted to provide some answers.

What is Fiesta Oyster Bake
HUGE crowds at Oyster Bake, mostly college aged or wishing they were college aged.

Admission: Adults are $27 & Kids 10 – under are free.

Parking: we parked on campus for $15 but we got lucky, it fills up quickly.  Everywhere else around is $20

Location: St. Mary's University Campus – 1 Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio, TX 78228

From Oyster Bake:

2018 is Fiesta Oyster Bake’s 102nd Anniversary! The event features more than 100,000 oysters served baked, raw and fried plus 70+ food and beverage booths that dish up savory favorites and quench every thirst.  Enjoy continuous Rock, Country, Tejano, R&B / Hip Hop, Pop and Children’s musical entertainment, as well as a full carnival and a special Fireworks Spectacular on Friday evening.  Join more than 7,000 volunteers and 60,000 patrons at this exciting event.  Oyster Bake’s mission is to produce a quality, volunteer-driven, Fiesta San Antonio approved music festival to raise funds for student scholarships to St. Mary’s University, and to support the University and the Alumni Association.

Kid Friendly: Nope…LOL I know others will disagree but if you just wanting a great carnival go to the Fiesta carnival.


  • Lots of Great Food & Drink Vendors
  • Multiple stages with multiple great bands
  • Huge carnival
  • Cool interactive experiences and samples to try
  • They offer a great VIP area with AC potties and massages

To Note: Prepare for ALOT of walking!  Prepare for crazy crowds.  We saw lots of overflowing trash cans.  We saw a few dirty port-o-potties with no water to wash hands with.  There also is a lack of signage and maps, so first timers just get ready to wander and discover which is kinda fun.  This was the tightest security we have encountered thus far.  They check everything so make sure to check their website and leave things in the car so they don't take them.

What is Oyster Bake – Fiesta 2018

Mom Tips if you bring the kids:

  • Wear closed toed, comfy shoes
  • Prepare for tricky parking
  • Bring money as the activities and food are kind of expensive
  • Bring hand wipes and antibacterial

My Tips to Oyster Bake :

  • NEED hand sanitizer in the food area
  • gosh they NEED to remove trash and clean up throughout the whole campus
  • NEED to clean bathrooms and refill water and soap
  • Offering maps at the gate would be nice

And my overall is for Oyster Bake if you are an adult, I personally would never bring my kids.

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