About Pet Gift Box

A monthly subscription-based service that sends a themed box of hand-selected treats and toys specifically created for cats and dogs. Remember there are never any large upfront fees. PetGiftBox is billed monthly for every plan, that way even a cat on a budget can enjoy! Today, PetGiftBox is one of the fastest growing, most popular and trusted sources for awesome treats and fun toys for pets. We’re proud of our products, and are happy to share them with you and your Best Furry Friends (BFFs).

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Pet Gift Box Review

I just received my 3rd pet gift box, this time again for cats, my two crazies – Hero & Max. Another super cute box with toys and treats I can’t wait to share with my furbabies!  This is such a fun box to receive because not only do I like it but my kids LOVE it!  It keeps everyone busy.  In my 2nd box we received several toys of which worked well but my big tom cat did shred one of them in less than one day.  So not all the cat toys are created equally.   This is a great pet gift box for the fur baby – cat or dog – in your life!

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