About Plaid Cow Society

Our customers are innovative philosophers ahead of their time. They ponder such questions as: Why do I know nothing about the meat I am putting in my mouth? Why am I fighting traffic, paying for gas, and being flipped off by a senior citizen to go to a grocery store I don’t like? Why does it cost so much to eat something I trust? Why am I eating a steak from across the Globe? Why am I paying a grocery store for bone, fat, and gristle that I can't actually eat? Why am I eating something then has done more drugs than Charlie Sheen? Our members realize now they have a choice. Why? Because the Plaid Cow Society delivers your local communities best fresh grass-fed organic beef right to your door for under 10 bucks a cut. We are the Plaid Cow Society.

Plaid Cow Society Review

When I first started to check out who Plaid Cow Society was I was thoroughly entertained by their website, it was hilarious!  If you haven't seen it go there now.  Anyhow, after a really good laugh I applied to get their steak and meat subscription.  OMG!  This is not your old school meat subscription, this steak is hormone free, no antibiotics, grass fed, product of the USA with no salt added and never frozen.  I have made 90% of the meat they have given me and it was all so delicious.  If you have watched my Instagram feed you have seen me swooning over my meat 😉  We love steak but we are picky steak eaters and everything we tried from Plaid Cow was SO YUMMY!  Seriously, this is a must check out.  For a limited time they are offering 30% off to new subscribers which means you can get steak for less than $8 each.  And when they send a steak, they send a steak….not fat!  Oh great, now I'm hungry!

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