About Planners4Kids

Planners4Kids make kids planners for life! We create personalized children's planners. Their planners include personalization, stickers, zipper bag, jokes, a doodle area, durable pages, a yearly overview and more!

My Planners4Kids Experience

Well Emma and I are in love!!!  This planner is simply fabulous!  It has stickers, doodle pages, silly jokes, crazy holidays, pockets for her favorite pens and more.  She has been going through marking holidays, vacations, projects and more.  She now can count down to various events without asking me (which is 1 less question I answer a day Woo Hoo).  It is very durable and the fonts and spacing is the perfect size for a kid to use.  Thus far we are very impressed!

How To Use Your Planners4Kids

  • When you first get your calendar, go through each month and mark important dates that you want to remember. Important dates for you may include: school holidays, birthdays, sports competition dates. Use the included stickers to help mark special occasions, and make your own notes too!
  • It may be helpful to use different color ink for different occasions. For example, all birthdays could be written in blue, while all school holidays are in green. Keep those pens in the pouch in the front of your calendar so they are always handy.
  • Look ahead: if you have a project due, how can you break it down into smaller parts? Place the smaller parts on your calendar to get it done one step at a time. For example, a science project consisting of a poster and a report is due on Friday. Put the due date in the calendar. Then pick a date such as Tuesday to finish the poster, then Wednesday to finish the report. Make sure to find a time that is not already busy and not too close to the due date, so that you will have plenty of time to get it completed.
  • Look at your calendar everyday so you can stay current with your schedule. A helpful way to remember is to look at it the same time every day. For example, you may decide to look at it every night at bedtime to see what you are doing the next day.
  • Cross off days that have already happened so it is easy to see which day is today.

This planner makes an excellent gift for the kiddo in your life and you can order yours here –> Kid's Planner!

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