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About Plated

Plated delivers chef-designed recipes and fresh, seasonal ingredients to your door each week for a more sustainable, personalized, and easier way to cook more and live better. By spending time in the kitchen, you’ll experience a sense of discovery, creativity, and connection that you can only find when you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Everything you need to create meals worth making. Chef-designed recipes. Pre-portioned ingredients. Delivered weekly. And available in select grocery stores.

My Plated Experience

Plated food subscription– where I loved trying new flavors, cooking with new ingredients, and learning new ways to cook, I didn’t like the price tag (averaging $12 a plate for small portions of food I still had to cook) and the fact thatPlated if one of the ingredients came in bad, I had to run to the store to finish cooking.  My 1st Plated food subscription box had a couple of bad ingredients in it. (mind you my 1st order was within the 1st couple of months of them being open)  I ordered 2 different meals for 2 people, so I cooked the 1st one quickly and the 2nd one a couple of days later.  Well by 2-3 days later, even more of the ingredients had gone bad.  All in all, I'm not too sure about this concept and business.

UPDATE: Ok back at it about 6 months later…I have heard they have fixed many problems, one being mine above about bad ingredient so I just placed another order for 2 new plates for 2.  We will see? I do recommend at least checking it out.  The experience of having everything laid out stress free makes for a great date night.

UPDATE AGAIN: Ok back again after my latests order from Plated food subscription and it had all good food, was cleanly laid out and very enjoyable. So they are definitely stepping up their game. We have ordered from them a few times now.  We now have several cool new recipes and have learned some new cooking techniques.

Plated food subscription


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