Poppy Tree Frames Review

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Poppy Tree Frames

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About Poppy Tree Frames

Poppy Tree Frames creates custom, hand-made picture frames and other home décor products with a ton of customizable options and arrangements. Our user-friendly website allows our customers to design and visualize beautiful and unique décor.

Poppy Tree Frames Review

Y'all this frame is so so so cute!  It's decorative from the front but holds an 8×8 print.  I had heard of Poppy Tree before through my husband's The Woodlands photography studio but this is the 1st time I have experienced them and I am in LOVE!  I received the Clover frame in the color Wood Ash and it is perfect for my home.  The quality if outstanding and you can hang it or stand it on the counter.  The frame came with the hanger already applied plus the rubber bumpers to ensure it doesn't scratch the wall.  Y'all, I encounter a lot of frames in my husband's business and I can say, this one stands out amongst the rest.  Watch my Instagram for photos of this frame with my Fall and Christmas decor!


Quality of Product9
Reader Rating1 Vote10
Poppy Tree Pricing
Varies Per Frame
My frame here is $34.00

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