About DateBox Club

DateBox Club is a subscription service box that is guaranteed to bring joy and fun to your next date night. Everything you need is in the box sent to your door.  Never Stop Dating!

Cost: starting at only $30 a month

Frequency: Monthly

DateBox Club Experience

Sooo I am a little late on opening and sharing this guy but still wanted to show you what I got.  Better late than never.  So this is the Christmas box.  It has a cute little theme and game throughout.  We lost 1 bag of pretzels to the kids pretty quickly but that's ok, the 2nd bag got us through AND bought us time.  We played the game with the cards and I honestly wasn't so sure about the Truth or Dares.  But I did love those red hot candies and Jonathan loved the Rolos so thats a big win.  See more below:

If you find that you are having a hard time “dating” your spouse I do recommend trying this out this Easy Date Night Idea.  You can use the same box for 2-4 different activities in our experience which means a date a week in just 1 box.  Trust me…DATING YOUR SPOUSE MUST HAPPEN!  I encourage you to read more on why this is important here:

Focus on the Family Dating Your Spouse

Fierce Marriage on Dating Your Spouse

even the Huffington Post talks on Dating Your Spouse

Couples That Grow Together Stay Together

From Date Box Club – launched to get couples off the couch, and engaged in a creative date night together. As a married couple, we would find ourselves slipping into the dinner and a movie date night. This is a great stand-by, but we wanted more.  At DateBox Club, we want you to grow closer to your partner. This means shared experiences, and finding new things you can do together. For most couples, the barrier is planning. Date Box Club has taken all the work out of planning so you and your partner can set aside some time and enjoy some quality time together. Easy Date Night Idea

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up here!

Want to see more?  Check out another Unboxing here.

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