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About Vivino

The world's largest wine marketplace shipped right to your door! Download their Wine App to your phone.

  • Cost: varies – price per bottle but they have bottles under $10
  • Frequency: non-reoccurring, order when you need more
  • Coupon Code: none yet
  • Do I Recommend: Yes, they have a HUGE selection and a great phone app!

My Vivino Review & Experience

So I had several of you ask for a non-subscription wine club that is actually good and I am pleased to say…I finally found one! I first found Vivino after falling in love with their wine app. Next, I tried out some of their wines. When you order through Vivino, they add your bottles to your online cellar automatically. After you drink them you have the ability to jump on and review them. This automatically starts the curation of future selections to try.

They have lots of ways to search include by price, type, pairing, and style. I personally think the app is easier to use than the website. When you open the app the main page shares Today's Picks + wines based on the season which makes shopping them so much fun. In the unboxing above I show off just 1 of my orders, this one is called The Barrel Room and it had the following inside and I paid $109.94 for all 6 bottles:

  • Apothic Inferno (aged in Whiskey Barrels) – $14.99 – 2 bottles
  • Ghost Pines Red Blend 2015 – $19.99 – 2 bottles
  • Locations CA – $19.99 – 2 bottles

I do recommend you try Vivino wines. They are good wine suppliers. I don't have a bunch of great offers or incentives to give you. Just a tried and true and consistent wine supplier that I'm confident you will enjoy. With over 200,000 wines to choose from, I'm sure you will find many you love. Hop on their website or phone app to sort, select, and find wines.

xoxo Samantha

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