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Quick Lunches Delivered – Freshly
Quick Lunches Delivered – Freshly


Quick Lunches Delivered – Freshly

What is Freshly?

Gourmet ready-made meals. Freshly prepared. Freshly delivered!  Their Mission is to MAKE YOU HAPPY, HEALTHY AND MORE FREE TO PURSUE YOUR PASSIONS.
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My Freshly Experience

Still a favorite over in my household is Quick Lunches Delivered – Freshly.  The more we interact with them the more we fall in love.  The meals are just so yummy, healthy and easy!  Goodbye yucky and unhealthy grocery store frozen crap, Hello Freshly!

Here is why I love Quick Lunches Delivered – Freshly:

  • Every Freshly meal saves you at about an hour that you would've spent shopping, cooking and cleaning. Spend more time doing what you love, with people you love.
  • Their fully prepared, healthy meals are ready in about 2 – 3 minutes. Less time than it takes to preheat the oven.
  • Any time of day, any day of the week, have quick access to delicious nourishing meals.
  • Always GLUTEN FREE. It's bad for your gut. Your brain isn't a big fan either. It's even addictive.
  • Always HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CARB. Protein makes you feel fuller, burns fat faster, and boosts energy.
  • Never PROCESSED SUGARS. Processed sugar contains high amounts of fructose that causes you to gain weight.
  • Always ALL NATURAL. Natural food tastes better and keeps chemicals out of the soil and out of your body.

Eat Healthy and Yummy Microwaveable Meals Here, Sign Up & Join Us!

Use the link above (or any link on my site) an get 30% off!!!

The Skinny (literally)

Yall, ditch the Hungry Man, StouffersHealthy Choice and Lean Cuisines.  The answer to stressing no more about healthy eating and sourcing healthy food is here!  The food is yummy, the portions are generous and the flavors are real, like so good.  Just 2 – 3 minutes in the microwave and a delicious but healthy meal is at your fingertips.  Their website is super user friendly and you have a say in what you get.  See the photo above with the rating system?  After you enjoy your meals you can hop online and review what you love and don't love about your meals.  This is also where you pick your meals and change your servings.  Perhaps hubby is out of town this week so you don't need 6 meals you only need 4, all of this is managed on their very easy to use website. Getcha some Quick Lunches Delivered.

Check out my first Freshly Unboxing Here.

My Critique

Check your spam folders for their e-mails.  So I thought I was not receiving e-mails when my meals are on deck because they didn't offer this… Wrong!  They were in spam e-mail this entire time (which is so frustrating) because I only found out the meals were coming once they had shipped.  So I occasionally skip weeks when I know we are out of town, have too much food already, etc but since I didn't get the e-mails that the food was being prepped it would just ship.  This left me with boxes of food sitting and going bad because we were not in town and FedEx just dropped it off to go bad in this Texas heat.  🙁

But, I do highly recommend you subscribe.  I have them shipped to my office and home! Subscribe Here at 30% off!

Healthy Microwaveable Lunches


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