Ready Set Go Box Review

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About Ready Set Go Box

READY, SET, GO BOX is designed for children 3 to 5 years of age. Each month your child will receive a box of hand-selected games, toys, activities, and snacks. Whether they're traveling across the globe, playing in the backyard, or in the backseat stuck in traffic, READY, SET, GO BOX offers children fun and engaging activities to take along on any adventure!

Ready Set Go Box Review

Y'all this children's subscription box is just too cute!  I am so impressed! This box came with 10 items, a mix of toys, games, activities and snacks.  That means each item is less than $3 which is also a crazy good deal.  There is a good spread of items that kids love and that parents love!  Can't beat it.  Here is my box for my kiddos.  I am forcing myself not to steal their Boom Chicka Pop 🙂   My box came with 10 great items, some that we have tried before and already know we love and some that are brand new to us items that we can't wait to check out.  We received games, activities, snacks and more.  My 2.5 year old and my 5 year old love the box!  We are prepping for a long road trip so I hid a few of the items so that I can give them to the kids in the car.  The gummy bears didn't last 1 minute before they were snatched up and consumed and they were “very yummy”.  Overall as a mom of 2 I give this box a big thumbs up.  Watch my unboxing video to see all the contents in detail.  We received 10 items for $24.95 which is unbeatable!

Interview with the Owner

My name is Brian and I have been a preschool teacher for over 10 years. Teaching children is my absolute favorite thing! When children are young, the thirst for knowledge is so strong that even after their preschool day is over, they are still excited and ready to learn more. I came up with Ready, Set, Go Box to give children the opportunity to continue learning after their school day is over wherever they may go. I know that a lot of my students get picked up from preschool and rush off to the grocery store, then they go straight to their siblings school to pick them up, then to soccer practice, then to dance class, etc.  Ready, Set, Go Box is a great way to keep your little one occupied in the back seat while parents run all their errands. Being a preschool teacher myself means that every item in your Ready, Set, Go Box has been hand selected for its educational and developmental value. Each new box will help your child learn and grow as they get ready to enter Kindergarten.
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Ready Set Go Box Pricing
$27.95 a month
$299.40 for 12 months (save $60)
Ready Set Go Box Coupon Code
PINKENVELOPE20 - 20% OFF the first 3 months of subscription

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