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RIDE Indoor Cycling Experience

RIDE Indoor Cycling Experience


About RIDE The Woodlands

We offer a high intensity, low impact, full body workout. RIDE, the most fun you can have on a bike.

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My RIDE Experience

Y'all, my RIDE Indoor Cycling Experience was incredible!  For those of you who don't know me, I'm skinny fat.  I don't work out and haven't tried in 10+ years.  Between a God given high metabolism and a slightly disciplined diet I stay lean, weak, but lean.  Well recently I broke my arm, was inactive for a bit and found that arm to be VERY weak once is healed and my overall strength has declined.  So when Taryn from RIDE reached out to me the timing as perfect!  I took her up on her offer to take a class and was SHOCKED at what I discovered.  I always assumed riding or cycling was, of course, riding a bike BUT it is so much more than that.  It is a high energy, full body time of detoxing and exercising.  From the minute I got there everyone was soooo nice!  They showed me everything and got me set.  I got my special shoes (which if you don't own them you can rent them like I did) and grabbed a water bottle and headed to the room.  The lighting is low and moody, the bikes aren't spacious but they aren't too close either which keeps the energy up.  The music is motivating and fun, most songs are remixes so they are familiar and I enjoyed that.  Our instructor was Taryn and she is awesome, energetic, motivating and fun.  I was so impressed with her!  Overall, I give RIDE a Huge Thumbs Up!!!!

Q&A with RIDE's Instructor Taryn

Q: How often does the average person RIDE per week?  A: 2-3 times.

Q: What do you recommend to wear?  A: Sports Bra, work out top and Yoga type pants.  Shorts are good but when you are “out of the saddle” (the seat) your booty does stick out and up at times depending on the exercise.

Q: What age group is RIDE for?  A: Everyone!  (to note, there was a gentleman in his 70's or older in my class riding next to me and he was Boss).

Q: Can I just try RIDE out?  A: Yes!  Everyone's 1st class is Free to come, see how things work, meet everyone and check out the facilities.

Q: What body parts does RIDE help with?  A: All, it's a full body experience in 1 hour.

Tips from Samantha

Ok, newbies like me who NEVER exercise.  Just go try the RIDE Indoor Cycling Experience, just go see.  I literally sat in my seat 90% of the time because I am not strong enough to do what others were and that is OK!  You get to pick your bike so I do recommend the back so that you can see what others are doing to learn the moves and transitions.  It also gives you the freedom to sit, stop, etc if you need to.  I also recommend arriving a bit early so that you can talk to the instructor, get your questions answered, etc  They will help you with your check in, getting your locker, getting to your bike and getting it set to the right height, etc  They are hands on and very helpful.  I wore 3/4 length leggings, a tight sports bra, and a loose tank and it was great.  They gave me a towel, I rented shoes, and bought a water bottle.  They also have socks, hair rubber bands, earplugs and more to ensure your RIDE is great.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, everyone there, instructors and riders alike were very kind and helpful.  Then be prepared to have 2 legs that feel like jelly.  Ok CONFESSION….after I got off the bike (note I couldn't unclip my riding shoes so I took them off and left them on the bike) I walked over to get my tennis shoes from the locker.  My legs were so weak I couldn't squat down to tie them.  I walked my untied shoes straight to the restroom and sat down on the potty to tie my shoes while….you know.  So yes, RIDE is an effective workout.  Check out the photos below of my RIDE Indoor Cycling Experience.

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