Rockport can I take a moment to say how proud of you I am!  I always knew you were a close knit town built on love and respect and tourism but I had no idea the impact you have had on so many lives.  I have received dozens of messages and calls from across the US with people sharing their stories of the memories they have of “going to Rockport for the summer”.  Dozens upon dozens of beautiful stories have been relived in the last few days and it's amazing!  It gives me so much hope!  It affirms what I already know, we will rebuild a better and more beautiful Rockport and soon.

Rockport Texas beach

Want to support Rockport but don't know how?  Purchase this adorable tee that 100% of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross – 

Now I want to brag a bit on the people of Rockport.  Did you all know that within hours of the storm ending our own ran and grabbed everything they could and rushed back in to start saving lives?  Flat bottom boats, air boats, tractors, trucks and more were instantly there and provided by the citizens.  This is wonderful of course, but expected right?  Did you know that as soon as the majority of Rockport was secure and professionals had arrived to take over with electrical repairs, gas leaks, etc that those same men and women jumped into their trucks, boats, trailers, etc and drove to Houston and as I am typing this now they are rescuing dozens of people whose homes are being destroyed before their very eyes?!


Want to support Houston but don't know how?  Purchase this adorable tee that 75% of the proceeds go to the Hurricane Harvey victims.  Thank you Texas Sweet Tees for making this possible!

Another way to support is with The Turquoise Door in Tomball, they also made an awesome t-shirt and 100%  the proceeds go to Houston flood victims.  You can order that shirt in 3 colors here and use code LOCALPICKUP to pick up in store and skip shipping. 

I pray that this is a reminder that there is so much more than what the media and #fakenews tells us.  As my church family at Faithbridge says, “Real People, Real Lives”.  In times like these the Facebook perfection and masquerades fall away and beautiful things are born.  I can't wait to see what God has up his sleeve for the amazing state of Texas!  Hurricane Harvey, you brought your A-game but I think you forgot this is Texas.

the Texas flag

We are #RockportStrong

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