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Sago Mini Box Review – Preschool Subscription Box
Sago Mini Box Review – Preschool Subscription Box


Sago Mini Box Review – Preschool Subscription Box

Sago Mini Unboxing Video

This post does not contain affiliate links but is sponsored by SagoMini.. These are all my own thoughts, ideas and comparisons. Thanks for reading about this Preschool Subscription Box.

About Sago Mini Box Review

Thoughtful design brought to life. For kids. For parents. And For giggles. Also now, in a subscription box!

Cost: starting at $15 a month + $3 shipping

Frequency: Monthly

Who Can Shop: Anyone, this makes a great gift! Target age is preschool (ages 3 – 5 years)

Coupon Code: pinkenvelope for 15% off monthly or annual plans. The discount is recurring so you get 15% off EVERY month when you sign up below.

Giving Back: none that I know of however they do focus on using recycled sources

My Sago Mini Box Review & Experience

So my girls grew up playing on the Sago Mini phone app. They LOVE their games and play them often. Upon seeing the Sago Mini Box arrive, they knew exactly who it is created by. I let my 5 year old open the 1st box and she was so excited about it that my 8 year old started freaking out that she was “missing all the fun”. You can see her in the video here – this is our 1st Sago Mini Box unboxing. They both love the box!

Each box comes with 3 activities inside and a cute little character. This box is considered a Make & Play activity. The contents of the box are very well made and kid tough. The instructions are well laid out with photos and words. My 5 year old did nearly the whole 1st box by herself from following the pictures (and using her instinct) alone, which I love! Add in big sis to help and mom was free for over an hour to get some things done. We have since received a 2nd box which you can see me open in the video up top. Another big hit! Now with 2 boxes they have been inviting the neighbor kids over to play.

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I think that this box is a great investment! My kids love the box, it's under $20 a month which makes it affordable to consistently subscribe to, and it doesn't require a parent to be there! Definitely go check out this preschool subscription box.

xoxo Samantha

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