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Sapphire Soul Review

About Sapphire Soul

As Soulistic Life Stylist and owner~curator of Sapphire Soul/ I’m all about combining passion with the balance of living life to the fullest. I’m a modern boho-spirit mama who believes in having it all, immeasurable creativity and love.  I live life with passion, curiosity & an unending urge for purpose and fulfillment. I get back to the simple life and cook up easy life recipes using essential oils, crystal healing, yoga, meditation and more!

Sapphire Soul Review

Sapphire Soul Review

So the website is kind of confusing, if you are just shopping you can go to their main site but if you are wanting a subscription you have to go to this site (which is the same as the button above) and it is hard to find.  I dug around online for quite I while before I figured this out.  So here is your tips of the day 🙂  The products I received inside were great.  I received the Soulistic Life Signature Witchy Woman Gem Infused Bath Blend and it is an energy charged body scrub.  I also received a Honey & Essential Oil Lip Balm, a stone and a Tibetan Quartz ring.  I so wanted to love this box but I think I just didn't get it.  As far as paper work goes inside I got a business card, a special offer, a couple of quotes and thats it.  I wish it had more info on how to use these products to better my life.  I don't even know what the stone is.  Anyhow, I'm not sure where I stand with this particular box, I guess see for yourself.

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Sapphire Soul Pricing
Mindful & Mystic Monthly - $33.00
Modern Goddess Starter Kit - $114.00
Modern Goddess Crystal Kit - $114.00
Mindful & Mystic Quarterly - $189.00

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