About Sariskiz

A portable comb made of the most exquisite types of wood. After countless attempts we finally reached the highest standards we were looking for in terms of portability, design, and practicality. Each wood comb you find at Sariskiz was created with passion and delicacy. We really hope you like them, and wish you an untangled day!

My Sariskiz Experience

I just have to say, this little comb is so cute.  I brought it with my on my trip to Florida and it was easy to use and easy to pack.  It is durable, pretty and takes up no room at all.  Each of the combs are inspired by a goddess and mine is by PISTIS.  Each are made as Exotic Wood Combs.  Check it out below.  I only brush this crazy curly hair of mine when it is wet so no photos of it in use but check out the color next to my hair.

From the Sariskiz Team

<* Each belong to a goddess (3 different Goddesses) and therefore a personality. I chose PISTIS for you for two reasons: your hair color (same color as the goddess), and the fact that she loves meditation, yoga, pilates, reading, learning and ice cream… I kind of see her in you. Now, PISTIS has two types of wood that belong to her. I chose Chakte Viga for you again for your hair color since the wood is naturally orange.

*The woods we use are considered exotic or luxury woods, they are dense, and have unique features and colors. Nonetheless, every comb is different even when is the same wood, since tones change easily. We have 5 different woods available. (Exotic Wood Combs)

* Our combs are made by us. It is a long process since we strive for high quality on each comb. The wood finish is based on natural nutrients which in this case includes coconut oil and beeswax. We aimed for a natural wood feel instead of a fake-like finish (shiny) that polyurethanes or polymer-based chemicals give.

* The idea behind the comb is that you have always something with you (in your purse, backpack, office drawer) that will help you untangle your hair and look exactly as you did when you left home in the morning. It is intended to be practical, compact as well as portable.

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