About Shades Monthly

A monthly subscription service for sunglasses. It delivers a brand new and trendy pair of shades to your door each month. It cost a flat $20 for his or hers styles and include free shipping. You can do it for as long as you want and cancel whenever you feel like it. We want you to relax when you scratch, break or lose a pair because there's always another on the way.

Shades Monthly Review

Here's my Shades Monthly review: I think this is such a smart idea!  I know I am always talking about losing, breaking, scratching, and misplacing my sunglasses which is usually followed up with head shaking in affirmation.  Problem solved!  Shades Monthly send 1 pair of sunglasses, insurance for the glasses, a bag, a theme card and some gear to you each month for $20.  Don't like the style?  Pass them to a friend and make their day!

These are good, comfortable, trendy sunglasses that won't cause a moment of mourning if they drop to the bottom of the lake.  100% UV protected which is a must!  I also got a bonus item of a sunglasses clip for my car which I use everyday now.  They also each came with a bag to clean them with.   Check out the styles below (watch the video above to see them on me).  Shades Monthly also is giving me 3 boxes to give away.  The 1st box I'm giving away on this post!  To enter my Shades Monthly Giveaway – go to my Instagram wall and comment on the Shades Monthly post telling me why you should win a subscription.  Best story wins, it's that easy!

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