About Silver Spoon

SilverSpoon is where to go for exciting and delicious products from around the country, delivered monthly for FREE right to your door! As a SilverSpoon Member you will have unique access to a variety of gourmet food products from around the country without ever leaving your own kitchen!   Our Gourmet Tasting Boxes are filled with the finest ingredients that are guaranteed for the SilverSide! Your box may have anything from a specialty sauce to an infused oil or maybe gourmet snack food. Every month will have a featured special product that will spice up your kitchen pantry. What you get will be a surprise to you, but you can be assured that it has been taste-tested and SilverSpoon approved!

SilverSpoon Review

Here's my Silver Spoon review! 1st impression of SilverSpoon's Lemon Love June box is yummo!  Everything is packed perfectly and neatly and most importantly securely.  The box is well labeled and very pretty.  All things I love to see!  I love how they addressed the box and my custom letter.  So cute!  SilverSpoon sends gourmet tasting boxes to your front door allowing you to try new things, experience new foods and be adventurous even during your busy work week.  All of the ingredients that come in your box are full size and they provide recipes – so this isn't a one time use, you will get multiple uses out of everything which is awesome!  I received 5 items in my box and I am most excited about the dessert items 🙂  Photos to come of my finished products.  I will also provide more details on how easy it was to use everything so watch my social media accounts like Instagram to get all the details.

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