About Skoshbox

Skoshbox is the only monthly box backed by Japanese snack companies. That means exclusive collaboration boxes and first-look items just for our members! Our boxes contain an exciting mix of new trendy items, DIY Kits, traditional favorites, and wacky flavors!

Skoshbox Review

This Japan snack box is way fun!  The box presentation is great!  The box came filled to the top with all sorts of goodies: snacks, candy, toys and more!  Both my 4 year old and I enjoyed it.  If you like to try new and fun things I would definitely try out Skoshbox.  Make sure to watch the video above, you can skip to minute 6:40 if you just want to see us eating it 🙂  The Chip Star Sweet Potato chips were yummy as were the Puccho: hard gummies.  I would say these were our 2 favorites.  Ume soft candy came in next.  Use the coupon below and go sign up NOW!  The small box comes with 4-5 snacks for $12 a month.  They do have pre-paid plan discounts!  They also have boxes that send up to 14 items! (which is the one I showed here) for $35.

COUPON CODE: PINKENVELOPE to receive $2 off any plan

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