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About the SmartAss & Sass Subscription Box

Smartass and Sass is a gift and subscription service with snark. They have monthly subscription options along with one-time theme boxes available.

  • Cost: There are 3 options:
    • Shirt Only $13.95
    • Box $32.95 – show in the video above
    • Big Box (Shirt + Box) $45.95
  • Frequency: one-time gift or subscribe Monthly
  • Smartass & Sass Coupon Code: PINKENVELOPE15 for 15% off when you sign up below
  • Do I Recommend: Yes! Excellent Gift for that Sassy Friend

My SmartAss and Sass Review & Experience

When I 1st got this box, I honestly didn't know what to think. I wanted to love it, but I don't love crass things, so I was sketchy. Well, I opened the box and went through everything, and I LOVE the box! It is full of sarcasm, and that is one of my love languages. I instantly thought of 2 friends who are getting this for their birthday! Sarcasm is their holy grail, and it's wonderful! There are 3 options: shirt only, the box, or shirt & box, and I got the S&S Box Subscription, but I would like to see what their Shirts are like too. I bet they are so funny.

  • 5-7 items per box
  • Items include mugs, bags, notebooks, apparel, and more!
  • Shirts are soft-blend unisex and printed locally
  • They ship internationally to Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Australia

The Smart Ass & Sass Box

The box promises 5 – 7 items inside, but I got 9 items with a total retail value of $92.43. And each of the items inside was created by a small business whose name and website + a coupon is listed on the SmartAss & Sass card in the box! I LOVE that they focus on Small Biz! My kids immediately took the colored pencils and had been using them. They must be of great quality to last with 4 kids ages 2 years – 9 years using them. After using the deodorant for a bit, I have found it to be a bit sticky, but I still like it since it's a “healthy” version of something I need to wear. All in all, I am impressed with the quality and think this is a GREAT gift subscription box.

You can skip anytime. You can cancel anytime. They also have a Loyalty program, which is pretty cool. All of the products are unique and fun and have great quality. This is an outside the box subscription box, and I think it is great. Definitely give them a try as a gift to yourself or a friend. We can all use a giggle delivered!

See Past SmartAss and Sass Boxes Here:

xoxo Samantha

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