About Variety Fun

Smart, Delicious Snacks, Care Packages And Gifts Delivered Free. They are Snacks Delivered to your Door.

Variety Fun Details

Price: Fun Box with 40 snacks – $24.99 OR Fit Box with 30 snacks – $39.99

Frequency: 1 or 2 times a Month

Recommend: Heck Yes

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My Variety Fun Thoughts

Ok so I think this is a cool box. A snack subscription box that can be delivered to you or for everyone at your office, delivered to your home, to your college student, as a family gift…..I really could keep going on about the ways this box is brilliant. I wish I had the Fit Box being while in College, I would have saved money and calories! However, I am happy I have them now!

Below I am showing off the Fun Box but it does have a couple of the Fit Box options in it so show that they do carry great brands. Just opening this box made me smile and when I was down unboxing I called my husband to come in and when he walked around the corner and saw the box, he too had a big smile. I don't know exactly what it is, but this box evokes Happiness! Check it out and sign up above and/or watch the video above to have Snacks Delivered to your Door!

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