About Sock Club

Welcome to Sock Club! We deliver the finest socks to your door once a month, made from cotton grown and knit in the USA.  By partnering with our American factories, we control the entire process, from sourcing high-quality cotton to sending socks to your door. Having complete oversight of our production ensures not only the finest quality product, but that our processes are eco-friendly and our workers are paid a living wage. This also enables us to use our member feedback to help us grow and create socks that you will love.

Price: $12

Frequency: Monthly

Sock Club Review

We love this sock subscription! We discovered these two Austinites a couple months ago and are so stoked to see fellow small businesses in Texas taking the US by storm.  Their socks are for everyone in sizes Small, Medium and Large.  They have an array for cool designs and colors with a fresh pair hitting your mailbox each month.  The pair I received are awesome, love the colors and they are very soft.  I will wash and wear these a few times and get back with you all with an update!

*August 2018

Update time, yes this took wayyyyy too long but better late than never right!  I'm just here to say…Big Thumbs Up 🙂  This is the Best Sock Subscription!  Also they now offer the ability to create custom branded socks.  How cool is that!

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