About Sock It To Me

They sell fun, funky socks, and underwear—with dinosaurs, cupcakes, ninjas, mustaches, unicorns, and other things magical. We continually strive to make quality products with unique and original designs, while providing value and top-notch customer service.

Cost: Varies – they use to be a subscription box but they aren't any more. Just an online shop!

Frequency: Monthly

My Sock It To Me Experience

Well if you want to see our honest initial reactions you need to watch the video above.  I can definitely say the prints got a big thumbs up from Emma and I (and Paige off camera) and we are impressed with the quality.  We went and checked out their website and they have a ton of cute socks on there.  They carry mens, womens and kids socks in all shapes and sizes: Crew, Knee High, Ankle, etc  Then outside of their subscription they also offer undies and they are cute too.  Hit up their website to see their online store + their subscription box here – Sock It To Me Website.  Check out the 2 pair we received in our 1st box below.

Design A Sock Contest Now Happening

Sock It To me Contest
  • This Annual Global Design-A-Sock Contest invites artists of all ages and talents from around the world to submit a unique sock design sketch for a chance to:
    • win up to $2,000 in cash along with a big batch of products
    • have the winning design manufactured as part of Sock It to Me's Fall 2018 fashion collection!
  • The contest runs NOW through Saturday, September 30.
  • Sock It to Me has invited a special Celebrity Judge Panel who will help select the winning designs, including PORTLANDIA‘s creator Jonathan Krisel, actor Tyler Ritter, Mike Scott from the Washington Wizards, musician Robert DelongPortland music duo The Doubleclicks, and more!
  • Sock It to Me has been hosting this design contest every single year since the company was founded in 2004.  It has been a fundamental and extremely crucial backbone of the company, as the competition has steadily and powerfully contributed to Sock It to Me's growth year after year.

Here is the Entry Form:

Sock It To me Contest

Ready to put your cool socks on?  Sign up here!

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