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About Sock Panda

Sock Panda designs amazingly unique socks and delivers them to your door. They also donate a pair to someone in need with every purchase.

Cost: There are options for the whole family!

  • Men's Socks starting at $13 for 1 Pair
  • Women's Sock starting at $12 for 1 pair
  • Teens & Tweens (ages 9 – 11 yrs) are $16 for 2 pairs
  • Kids (ages 3 – 8 yrs) are $15 for 2 pairs + a prize

Coupon Code: PANDA10 for 10% off using the link below

Do I recommend?: Yes!

Does Sock Panda Give Back?: Yes! With every purchase!

My Sock Panda Experience

Yall, I love this sock subscription!  We have been wearing their socks for 2+ years now and they are cute, comfy and durable.  These socks are neither thick or thin, they work well with a tennis shoe or a boot.  The prints are always fun.  And I love that they can deliver sock for my entire family!  Below you will see 2 new pairs for my hubby and 4 new pairs for my kids: a kids size small and a kids size medium.  And you will also see 2 sets of their tween socks which I will wear.

We consider these socks trendy and relatable.  You don't buy these socks to keep forever.  You subscribe to Sock Panda and get 1 – 2 pairs each month.  And as the old ones fall out of trend, get a hole or in the case of kid's, get too small.  You just donate them or toss them and pull out your new ones.

This sock subscription makes an awesome gift year around.  Give the gift that keeps on giving!  And can I say…both my kids and my husband LOVE their socks from Sock Panda and get excited every time they see a bag int he mail!

xoxo Samantha

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