About Splendies

Fun, surprise undies for everyone! Our subscribers really enjoy getting their undies delivered each month and they enjoy sharing what they get with others. We frequently give away free undies for posting unboxings on social media. We try to pick a variety of undies each month and each month is different from the next, something really fun and exciting or more practical. You just never know. Each month is different!

Splendies Review

My Splendies Review:

Y'all these panties are so so soft!  I am super impressed!  They also are very cute, I really love the purple ones.  I am a boy short or low cut bikini kind of girl.  Thongs typically are not in my line up so its been a long time since I have bought or tried one so it was exciting to get one in this set to try out.  Look at me being so wild 😉  I will wash and wear these a few times and loop back around with more details.  For now, I am loving these women's undies!  They also have a plus size version which offers different items for curvy women, this is called Volupties.  A ladies panty subscription is so smart! Prices range from $13.99 to $16.99 depending on the box but they gave me a COUPON CODE: PINK to get $4 off your 1st box (month to month subscriptions only)!!!

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