May 25, 2020 Update – Officially Closed

*Due to a family emergency this store is temporarily closed*

About Sprouting Threads

Sprouting threads is a subscription-based children's clothing service. They help busy parents style their children as they grow each season.  They feature several unique elements to manage parents' unique clothing needs.

How Sprouting Threads Works

Adjustable outfit quantity & delivery frequency.  Receive seasonal or monthly deliveries of two to five outfits.  Keep the pieces you want, and return the rest.  Our $20/order styling fee is waived when keeping over $60. We remind you of upcoming shipments to allow for sizing, style preference & delivery frequency adjustments, or to pause your shipments. Parents build their initial style profile with our simple online tool. We then carefully select outfits from our inventory of over 50 top children's clothing lines.  The more you use the service, the better we tailor selections to suit your needs. Preschool-to-elementary-to-tween, ages 2-12.

Sprouting Threads Review

I AM IN LOVE!!!!  Like really, this is the greatest in so many ways.  1) these clothes are awesome  2) the service is awesome  3) you can choose all brand new, all used or 50/50  4) I couldn't tell which ones were new and which were used  5) My kids love all the clothes  6) I love all the clothes  I am seriously impressed!  Eeeekkkk!  They matched my kiddos sizes and profiles perfectly.  They are a kid's Stitch Fix!

Sprouting Threads Perk

reThreads – Kids often outgrow their clothes before they wear out; parents can opt to send in outgrown pieces as reThreads, and receive credit toward future outfits all while contributing to the ‘circular economy.'  Families looking for a broader range can opt to purchase reThreads in their orders as well

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