About Squint Box

SquintBox is a new subscription service delivering a delightful assortment of hand-crafted miniatures to subscribers’ doors each month. This first-in-category service offers up to six quality 1/12th scale miniature items from popular categories including food, flowers, books and accessories. The box arrives in a charming gift-wrapped package along with a pamphlet which includes tips on maximizing the SquintBox collection. Surprises and incentives are included each month encouraging subscribers to continue their subscription, gifting, and referrals of SquintBox to friends and family. SquintBox was created by Darren Scala, founder of D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, an online and in-store retail destination featuring all things miniature. The shop is located in the historic Hudson Valley, just north of New York City (www.DThomasFineMiniatures.com). Mr. Scala hand curates the SquintBox monthly assortment and is excited to continuously search the planet looking for the best selection of quality miniatures to offer subscribers each month.

Squint Box Review

My Squint Box Review:

This has to be the most unique and adorable subscription box I have ever seen!  SquintBox is a sub box that delivers to your door hand-crafted miniatures in 1/12th scale, so they are tiny!  They seriously are so intricate and cute! This is their Launch Box and the theme is Celebration!  I received an inch-scaled cosmopolitan in a classic martini glass with a lemon twist, a sugar-dusted blueberry pie in a real tin pan, a bottle of California Red, a vintage Cosmo fashion magazine circa 1964, 2 white designer table candles and a bonus item as a special launch box gift, a signed limited edition MCM ash tray right from the set of Mad Men (which is a show I am addicted to)!  When you place this whole set together it is so incredibly cute!  The craftsmanship is awesome!  When I first received this subscription box I thought, “what am I suppose to do with this?”  Now, I have it set inside my jewelry cabinet on display and I show all my friends who come over.  The box is $29.95 a month and when you pre-pay for months you get a discount – 10% savings on their 3 month plan and 15% on the 6 month.  Also make sure you subscribe to my blog and watch us on social media because we will be giving away 1 Squint Box to a lucky reader!!!

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