About SQUIX Q Box

SQUIX is the first online retailer for germ-fighting products, featuring the largest selection available all in one place. SQUIX is the one-stop-shop for fighting germs in every area of your life.  We offer you the ability to subscribe to the best germ-fighting products shipped right to your door each month, and/or shop for the ones you want individually. From groundbreaking innovations to everyday items, every germ-fighting product is a click away. So whether you’re at home, at the gym or on-the-go, we’ve got you covered.

SQUIX Q Box Review

My Squix Q Box review:

I AM IN LOVE!!!!  Y'all, this is a monthly subscription box that sends you germ fighting tools for all areas of your life.  As a mom of a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old with a messy 32 yr old husband, I feel like I should wear a cape that says “Mrs Germ Fighter”!  I probably should also invest in stocks like Clorox, Lysol, Seventh Generation, etc just to earn money off myself.  I spend a fortune in this area to keep my family clean and healthy.  Guess What?  My family is never sick, I mean never.  And I know what you are thinking, “don't say that out loud, you will jinx yourself!” but I say that out loud all the time.  I work hard in this area and having a box like SQUIX to team with is a dream come true.  This is one unboxing you HAVE you watch the video for.  I literally complain about all these things that bother me before opening the box and then find solutions for those things inside the box (and I swear I didn't peak inside)!  They gave me a PHENOMENAL coupon code to share with you all so check that out below and subscribe using the button above.  With school about to start back this is a subscription box you can't afford to pass up.

Use Coupon Code: FreeBagYay to get your first month’s QBox (valued up to $30) free + the Free Spring Bag ($30 Value) free = TOTAL VALUE: $60 (pay only $4.95 discount shipping)  *offer available for first time subscribers only.

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