About Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix has re-invented shopping, the way women really want to shop. Keep your wardrobe up-to-date with no hassle. You give us your size and style preferences, and your stylist sends you a selection of 5 items picked just for you. Try everything on at home, and only pay for what you want to keep! Free shipping both ways and a 25% discount if you buy all 5 items.

My Stitch Fix Experience

So today was the big day- my very 1st Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription arrives!  I waited all morning, ran to my meetings, then came back anxious. Upon my arrival back I found my box.  I ran and unboxed my beauties, see the video below, and in one tiny box I found my new me!  I'm the proud new owner of 5 Stitch Fix clothing subscription items- 1 necklace, 2 tops, 1 faux leather jacket and 1 skirt.  So I instantly tried everything on and was in love with it all but the skirt alas there was an incentive.  Keep all 5 items and receive 25% off my total purchase.

Well it worked, the skirt that I was unsure about (but honestly probably need most) was $74 however the 25% off discount came to $70.50, so I kept it all.  The quality is great, the prices are great and the presentation is great!  They include a little ‘how to wear' card which I love, definitely will use that to mix up my looks.  I hope to snag my Fashion Photographer to do a photo shoot of me in it all soon but in the mean time watch my video below, go here and sign up for your Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription, immediately complete your profile so that your stylist can get to know you, then await your very own beauties to show up in the mail.  To see my 2nd box visit My 2nd Stitch Fix Box.  

Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription

Question: I read your blog on stitch fix. I have loved my orders and here recently have been keeping more items! Yay. My question, because you shop and you shop quality do you feel the prices align with the type of clothing your getting?

Excellent question….I have only received 1 box but in this one box I do feel like the price points were great! The quality aligns with that which I buy at Nordstroms.  In fact, a lot of the lines Stitch Fix carries are at Nordstroms. The faux leather jacket I got in this box was $78 plus 25% off if I kept everything and that exact coat is at Macy's right now for $88. I was very hesitant to sign up because of this alas after researching they do carrying alot of great brands and now after this box I am encouraged even more!

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