So the infamous question I receive and see alot is: 

Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club, which one is better?

Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club

Answer: They are different!  I don't think they compare.  You don't choose one or the other, they fulfill 2 different needs.

Why: Their price points and styles are completely different.  Stitch Fix carries you more trendy, cheaper brands like Alter'd State and Trunk Club carries more classic, expensive brands like Nordstroms.

Observations: When I increase the price point on my Stitch Fix to get luxury items I am usually disappointed in the results.  When I decrease my budget with Trunk Club I am usually disappointed in the results.  So $30-$89 is my range with Stitch Fix and I'm super happy.  $50+ is my range with Trunk Club and once again, super happy!

Final Thoughts on Stitch Fix or Trunk Club: Remember not everything is comparable!  Each of these services are perfect for what they are and do.  Sign up for both and enjoy both!

Perks to Remember: Stitch Fix cost $20 to get a box but they apply that to your 1st item purchased and they offer 25% off if you keep all 5 items.  Trunk Club has $0 cost!  Just order a box, keep what you want and return the rest.

Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club

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Stitch Fix or Trunk Club

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