About Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and a personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You can buy what you like and return the rest. The $20 style fee is credited towards your 1st time purchased and if you keep all 5 items you get an additional 25% off!

  • Cost: $55  per item average price point
  • Frequency: You Decide!  Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Etc
  • Who Can Shop: Women’s sizes 0-24W and XS-3X and Men’s sizes XS-XXL
  • Coupon: $25 off your purchase ONLY when you sign up below

My Stitch Fix Review

Ok so a lot to tell….Where do I start? Ok issue 1 – the stylist, I had another new girl and I have to say, I’m disappointed. I really felt like Sarah understood me and it was so fun working with her. When Layla styled me last month because “Sarah was out of town” it was fun and she did a great job but I was ready for Sarah again. Now that I got someone new again and then on top of that felt my fix was only ok, I’m not too thrilled. So I am finally experiencing what so many of you have talked about. Not saying Fix #9 was bad, I kept 5 out of 5 however it wasn’t awesome either, just ok.

So on to the items…I received 4 shirts and 1 pair of shoes. The shoes are way cute but I did find them $15 cheaper at Macy’s & Nordstrom’s so I e-mail Stitch Fix CS to see what they say. The floral top I love, but it might wash me out too much, I need to test it out. The blue top with the long sleeve and cut out back it cute but I’m not sure I LOVE the back, I need to try that one out as well. The rest I loved!!!!

Ok now for the crazy news….I SKIPPED MY MAY FIX! Words I thought I would never use but alas here they are. I have a brand new clothing company that will be launching soon I am working with and I really want to feature them in May and with Fix #9 being just ok, I make the leap. Yikes! So stay tune, cool new women’s clothing subscription coming your way soon!

Stitch Fix Review

Check out the real life photos below (including kids, cats and all).  Pardon my face, my hubby forgot to give me a “face check” when taking these LOL. Also pardon the crazy sunburn, I have been working in my backyard oasis like every day.  Enjoy!

**Update 5/12 – Customer Service has not replied to my price match request.  They did reply to my complaint about not having Sarah & guaranteed me she would be back plus covered my styling fee for my next fix. I went ahead and unskipped my May fix so that will release soon.  Still not a fan of Fix #9 for my personality and skin tone, will be listing a couple of these items for sale soon**

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