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Welcome to my Subscription Box Summer Haul – Part 1!

This will be a 3 part series, so be sure to check out Part 2 and Part 3 Coming Soon! This haul is sponsored by Subscription Box Bootcamp and I'm so excited to share with you 8 boxes that you're going to love. 7 of the subboxes are new to the channel and all of these boxes are a part of the Subscription Box Bootcamp family! Be sure to enter my giveaway by watching the YouTube video.

Subscription Box Bootcamp – Start Your Own Subscription Box!

Subscription Box Bootcamp Review

Subscription Box Bootcamp is built to get from point A to point B as quickly and easily as possible, holding your hand through the five stages of your Subscription Box Journey: Idea, Pre-launch, Launch, Systems, and Scale stages. 

  • Over 60 short, actionable video lessons 
  • Worksheets to build your business plan 
  • Templates for creating your systems 
  • Marketing swipe files and templates 
  • Private online community 
  • Resources like peer-sourced vendor list and access to our Dream Team 

1. The Eczema Sample Store – Eczema Treatment Subscription Box

Eczema Treatment Subscription Box
  • Eczema Sample Store Price: $45.00
  • Details: These boxes are full of skincare items to sample and are designed to help individuals with sensitive skin and eczema find the products that their skin loves.
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Eczema Sample Store Coupon Code: PINK5 to get $5 off + 2 bonus samples on your 1st box

2. The Habit Collective – Create Healthy Habits

The Habit Collective
  • The Habit Collective Price:  $100 – includes the box, training, support & membership site
  • Frequency: Monthly Membership with a Quarterly Box
  • Details: The Habit Collective is designed for women who want to create healthy habits for health, wealth, happiness, and home. Each box contains products to help women build the habits set in that quarter's category. Ex – the next upcoming box will be on Health and will have items such as a book, exercise bands, BlueTooth headband headphones, etc.
  • The Habit Collective Coupon Code: PINK15 for 15% off

3. Renew Box – Renew Subscription

Renew Box
  • Renew Box Price: $52.99
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Details: Renew Box helps women beat burnout and overwhelm. A seasonal delivery of self-care products & activities, plus an online community of women focused on taking care of themselves.
  • Renew Box Coupon Code: PINK12 for 12% off

4. Sparkle Hustle Grow – Female Entrepreneur Subscription Box

Sparkle Hustle Grow
  • Sparkle Hustle Grow Price: $67.00
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Details: Sparkle Hustle Grow is a monthly subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs. It's for the boss babe, the go-getter, and the side hustler. Each box includes 4-6 items like books, chic office supplies, and tech gadgets. In addition to the physical items, subscribers also get access to online business training and a vibrant online community, which has been a game-changer for many women trying to navigate business stability (and survival) in the current chaotic economy.
  • Sparkle Hustle Grow Coupon Code: PINK for $10 off a 3-month membership

5. Say it with Grace Box by Lilian Grace Designs – Thoughtful Gift Box

Say it with Grace Box
  • Say It With Grace Box Price: $39.99 + $9.99 shipping
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Details: Gift-giving shouldn't be hard! With Say it with Grace Box, we help take the frustration out of gift-giving. Our boxes are curated with a specific theme in mind and we source products that we believe in. Spoil yourself, spoil a friend or share some of your box with a friend.
  • Say It With Grace Box Coupon Code: PINK10 to get 10% off

6. MUA Glam Box – Black Beauty Box

MUA Glam Box
  • MUA Glam Box Price: $36.99
  • Frequency: Bi-monthly
  • Details: MUAGLAMBOX is a monthly beauty and self-care subscription box catering to black women and women of color (WOC). Our beauty box is curated with a deeper skin tone in mind and our products and shades are brown-girl friendly! MUAGLAMBOX caters to the beauty needs of the everyday woman of color by curating and delivering a monthly beauty box that compliments her complexion and skincare needs.
  • MUA Glam Box Coupon Code: PINKGLAM10 for 10% off

7. Bunny Fun Box – Bunny Subscription Box

Bunny Subscription Box
  • Bunny Fun Box Price: $49 with free shipping
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Details: A subscription box for bunnies and bunny moms.  Twin Sisters who illustrate all of the stickers, shirts, and gift items in our box ourselves. We also design products for other sub boxes. Bunny FunBox donates a portion of the profit every month to a different bunny rescue.
  • Bunny Fun Box Coupon Code: PINK10 for 10% off

8. Together Unplugged – Screen-Free Family Time

Family Subscription Box
  • Together Unplugged Price: $44.95 with free shipping
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Details: Together Unplugged is all about promoting “Old School” family time. Every box contains a variety of screen-free games, crafts & activities which help families connect, play & celebrate together!
  • Together Unplugged Coupon Code: PINK10 for 10% off

Thanks for reading my Subscription Box Bootcamp Haul!

Thanks for reading along! Be sure to watch the YouTube video to enter the giveaway & check out Part 2 and Part 3 of my Subscription Box Bootcamp Haul!

Subscription Boxes for the Whole Family

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