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Welcome to my Subscription Box Bootcamp Haul – Part 2!

Thanks for coming to Part 2! This is the end to my 3-part series, so be sure to check out SubBox Haul Part 1 and Part 3! This haul is sponsored by Subscription Box Bootcamp & I'm so excited to share with you 7 boxes that you're going to love. Be sure to enter my giveaway by watching the YouTube video.

1. The Fabulous Planner – Stationary Box

The Fabulous Planner
  • The Fabulous Planner Price: 2 Boxes: The Classic $24.99 (shown here) & $30.99 for the Luxury Box (it comes with all items from Classic + dashboards and planner inserts sized for your planner type.)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Details: The Fabulous Planner box is a monthly subscription that will deliver an exclusive collection of stylish planners and stationery goods that will help you get more organized and have fun at the same time. Some items from our box like the stickers and dashboards/inserts are handmade in our LA office.
  • The Fabulous Planner Promo Code: SAMANTHA10 for 10% off all items on the website including the box!

2. Book and Bear Box – Kids Book Subscription

Book and Bear Box
  • Book and Bear Box Price: $54.99
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Details: Book and Bear is the only book box with a stuffy friend you can build. Our primary box is for kids ages 3-8, and we also have a chapter book version for kids ages 8 and up.
  • Book and Bear Box Promo Code: PINK15 for 15% off

3. Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Kindercarton – Kindergarten Subscription Box

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Kindercarton
  • Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Price: $58 with free shipping
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Details: A month’s worth of preschool curriculum materials and activities delivered to your door so you can focus on quality learning time with your preschooler without the hassle of planning, prepping, shopping, and gathering. The perfect match for home-preschool, a weekend with a special grandchild, an action-packed weekend with your child, or a school vacation or gap week!
  • Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Promo Code: PINK10 for 10% off

4. My Favorite Happy Box – Women's Self-Care Box

My Favorite Happy Box
  • My Favorite Happy Box Price: $39.99
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Details: My Favorite Happy Box is a self-care/lifestyle box made for women who need something just for them. After doing things for others all day, sit back, relax, and enjoy the items in your box. They will make you smile.
  • My Favorite Happy Box Promo Code: PINK10 for 10% off

5. Super Kids Yoga Box – Yoga Subscription Box

Super Kids Yoga Box
  • Super Kids Yoga Price: $52/bimonthly with $9 flat shipping
  • Frequency: Bi-Monthly
  • Details: A bi-monthly kids yoga box for ages 3-10 to learn the superpowers of yoga to help them with focus, anxiety, self-esteem, and stress reduction. Each box includes a monthly calendar to stay on track, weekly hands-on activities, weekly live zoom classes with a kids yoga teacher, a yoga game, toy, book, and a gem reward card so they can earn a surprise in their next box for doing the activities. 
  • Super Kids Yoga Promo Code: PINKENVELOPE 15% OFF first box

6. Filled with Gold – Subscription Box for Widows

Filled with Gold
  • Filled with Gold Price: $65 with Free Shipping in the US
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Details: It's a box specifically designed to support widows in practicing self-care regularly. Each box is filled with 5 to 7 self-care items to encourage taking the time to process the death of their life partner and to treat themselves with a little compassion and kindness during this difficult time. The box is a really wonderful gift to purchase for a widowed loved one.  It's the box I wished had shown up on my doorstep every month to inspire, nourish and bolster myself up after my husband died.
  • Filled with Gold Promo Code: PINK30 for 30% off a 3-month or more subscription

7. Ballroom Box – Dance Subscription Box

Ballroom Box
  • Ballroom Box Price: $59.95
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Details: The Ballroom Box is a quarterly subscription box curated for the ballroom, competitive, country and social dancer. Each season a new box arrives filled with items to inspire and equip dancers to do their very best on the dance floor.  We launched our box during the pandemic as a way to stay connected to other dancers while our industry was shut down and to keep them encouraged to continue dancing.
  • Ballroom Box Promo Code: PINK10 for 10% off

Thanks for reading Part 2 to my Subscription Box Bootcamp Haul!

Thanks for reading my 3-part series! Be sure to watch the YouTube video to enter the giveaway & check out Part 1 and Part 3 of my Subscription Box Bootcamp Haul!

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