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About The Incense Box

Our aim at The Incense Box is to help you relax and to find peace of mind daily.

Cost: starting at $14.99

Frequency: Monthly or Bi-Monthly

Coupon Code: GOODVIBES4U to receive a discount on your 1st order

Recommend: Yes

My The Incense Box Review Experience

With the holidays here I am addictively lighting candles, putting up scented decor and clamoring after the next hot thing to make my house a home.  Well, I just found a brand new way to create the peaceful environment I desire, an Subscription Incense Box by The Incense Box.  Today I received my 1st box and I am very impressed. I like the promptness in shipping, the customer service, the quality of the box and its packing materials.  Plus I like all the information they provide on how to burn incense and how to use essential oils.  So if you are new to incense, do not panic, they make enjoying them very easy.

First of all, from the moment this box entered my house it started to smell good.  Then I finally opened it and wow, beautiful aromas filled the room.  As I sit here now and write this post I have not opened 1 bag yet my whole space smells amazing. Which, in return, makes it feel amazing! And I took this beautiful Incense Subscription set up to my San Antonio TX product photographer Jonathan Ivy and he captured these images for me.  We have Blackberry Sage and French Vanilla stick incense plus Egyptian Musk cone incense.  Along with Grapefruit Pink 100% pure essential oil and your incense tray and cone holder.  Everything you need for the perfect experience!  Furthermore I highly recommend The Incense Box Review subscription service and give it an A+

Subscription Incense Box
Subscription Incense Box
Subscription Incense Box
Subscription Incense Box

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