14 Kids Activity Boxes for Summer!

Many of us spend December through May looking forward to the freedom and fun of summer. Your kids probably have a bucket list of things to do once they're out of school, and the month of June is filled with that summer magic we all love. After about a month though, after the anticipation and fun of July 4th, the freedom of summer can almost become a problem. With half the summer left I wanted to find some things that kept my kids entertained, and minimized time on their electronic devices! Today, I'm sharing our top favorite kids activity boxes for summer!

Here are a few things to consider when selecting your kids activity boxes for summer:

  • How often do you want a box of activities delivered?
  • What is your budget? (We've tried to include a range of price points here)
  • What are the ages of your kids?
  • Do you want to be able to return anything?

This post does contain affiliate links but is not sponsored by anyone. When you purchase through my site we make a small but meaningful commission at no cost to you. We are always so thankful for those who purchase through our blog, social media & YouTube. Also, these are all my own thoughts, ideas, and comparisons. Thanks for reading about our Summer Boredom Busters for Kids.

1. Owl Post Books

Owl Post Books was created with a singular mission in mind, to provide amazing quality books in a convenient and fun way that is affordable for anyone. All boxes are curated by the owner and founder who has been an educator for over fifteen years. As a result, this is a super fun and interactive monthly book subscription for children! They have Imagination Boxes, Imagination Mini, and YA Fantasy Imagination Box. Their book subscriptions serve a variety of ages; 0-3, 4-7, 8-10, 11-13, and YA 14 & Up! Owl Post Books grows with your child!

  • Ages: 0 – 14+
  • Owl Post Books Price: 3 Box Options!
    • $14.99 a month for the Imagination Mini
    • $33.99 a month for the Imagination Box
    • $29.99 a month for the YA Fantasy Imagination Box
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Owl Post Books Coupon Code: PINKENVELOPE for 15% off

2. Little Passports

A box to spark kid’s curiosity for culture and trave! We love anything that makes our kids think and become more curious. If we can foster a desire in our children to be continually learning we'll be happy parents! These award-winning subscriptions ignite curiosity, explore new ideas and places, and celebrate cultures with globally inspired experiences, hands-on art and science activities, and stories for kids ages 3-10.

  • Ages: 3 – 8+
  • Little Passports Price: $27.95 (They also offer prepay discounts!)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Little Passports Coupon Code: TPE50 for 50% off your 1st month's subscription

3. Art Within

Art Within is the perfect box for families looking to get creative together or kids and teens who need a good creative outlet! Our little artists loved this so much that we knew we had to include it in this list of kids activity boxes for summer. There are endless benefits of creativity, and Art Within makes it fun and simple for you (hint: moms, this is a great way to keep the kids busy this summer!). Your art box comes with all the supplies you need, printed learning concepts with definitions and art history, simple step-by-step instructions, and a video tutorial for extra inspiration.

One fun thing about these art projects is that everyone's art is unique. They break it down into simple steps for everyone to enjoy – younger artists will have fun with it, while older kids and teens can really take the time to build foundational skills. We've found that you'll typically have some leftover art supplies so you can continue getting creative!

  • Ages: 6+ and they have a family option
  • Art Within Price: 2 Box options – they do offer pre-pay discounts
    • $39 per month for the Standard art box (up to 2 artists)
    • $49/month for the Family art box (up to 4 artists)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Art Within Coupon Code: PINK5 for $5 off

4. Completing the Puzzle

This one is super unique; because it's a monthly rental subscription! Puzzles are an awesome way for families to spend time together, or make a great indoor activity when kids need a break from the sunshine. Completing the Puzzle has you take a quiz so they can pick the perfect puzzles for your family from their library of premium puzzles. Each month you'll receive a puzzle, have the freedom to complete it at your own pace, and send it back when you're done! While we love a good puzzle, and our kids really enjoy it as a quiet activity, the challenge of what to do with the puzzle afterward is solved with this subscription. Keep your kids entertained with fresh new puzzles and let someone else worry about storing them!

  • Ages: 4+ and they have a family option
  • Completing the Puzzle Price: $30 and they do offer pre-pay discounts
  • Frequency: On demand!
  • Completing the Puzzle Coupon Code: TPE20 for 20% off your 1st month

5. Mel Science

Mel Science is breaking the stereotype that science is boring, difficult, and only for certain types of people. They strive to make serious science accessible, interesting, and cool. Science is about exploration, experiments, discovery, and asking questions – all of which come naturally to all children! With the belief that every child is a scientist, Mel Science helps nurture children’s natural interest in science by giving them fun hands-on experiments with detailed instruction. Their products are built by scientists who are parents themselves. We love education that's designed as entertainment!

  • Ages: 4 – 16+
  • Mel Science Price: Prices start at $25.90 (they also have pre-pay discounts)
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Mel Science Coupon Code: Click the link for the latest offer

6. Kiwi Co

KiwiCo inspires kids to see themselves as makers — engineering and creating their own innovative designs and outcomes! Ultimately, KiwiCo’s mission is to provide the next generation of innovators with the tools and a foundation to become creative problem-solvers and critical thinkers. KiwiCo has tons of fun, engaging, and educational projects for everyone from toddlers and kids to teens and even adults!

  • Ages: 0 – 14+
  • Kiwi Co Price: subscription starting as low as $17.50
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Kiwi Co Coupon Code: Click the link for the latest offer!

7. Knowledge Crate

We really like Knowledge Crate’s technology-free method. They do this intentionally; though not because they do not believe in technology, it’s actually the opposite! They love it. But we know kids get enough of it elsewhere, so while they’re doing Knowledge Crate activities, they “unplug” and return to natural play. Their themed mini crates are a great option too if you're not sure about the full subscription!

  • Ages: 3 – 10
  • Knowledge Crate Price: $87.00 or $348 for the year
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Knowledge Crate Coupon Code: PINKENVELOPE for 15% off quarterly and annual subscriptions

8. My First Reading Club

My First Reading Club is guided by a passion for reading. Reading inspires, empowers, and links to all education throughout life. Whether you are reading to your child or simply helping them along, reading fires the imagination, builds confidence, and creates a platform for a prosperous future. Each Reading Box includes 2 or 3 hardcover, age-appropriate books, an activity book, and a gift for mom!

  • Ages: 0 – 12
  • My First Reading Club Price: $19.99 with pre-pay discounts
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • My First Reading Club Coupon Code: PINK20 for 20% off

9. Little Arrow Author Box

We love the creativity of this one!! Little Arrow Author Box is a book box where kids get to make their own book! Each box comes with a recently published children's book, an art book, a project, and a professionally bound, 40-page Book to Create. Subscribing to Little Arrow Author is supporting small business since all of their products are sourced from small shops and independent authors. They want to show children what is possible when they take unique talents and cultivate them!

  • Ages: 4 – 12
  • Little Arrow Author Box Price: $59.99
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Little Arrow Author Box Coupon Code: PINK15 for 15% off a 3-month subscription

10.  Book and Bear

We couldn't create a list of kids activity boxes for summer without including this unique Kid's Book Subscription Box!! Each Book and Bear box includes a plush animal friend that kids can build themselves and a picture book to go with it. They provide everything needed to build the new plush animal with no need to sew, a picture book for ages 3-7 or a chapter book for ages 8 and up, PLUS bonus activities to enhance a child's learning about the animal of the month. We loved how this one is not only a way to read with your children, but to share a special activity with them!

  • Ages: 3 – 12
  • Book and Bear Box Price: $54.99
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Book and Bear Coupon Code: PINK20 for 20% off your first monthly box

11.  beTWEEN the Bookends

beTWEEN the Bookends was created to keep kids reading for fun! We knew we had to try it when we learned that it was created by a teen entrepreneur, Jillian, when she was just shy of her 13th birthday. Talk about being created by the target market! Boxes are set to a monthly theme, and include anywhere from 1-3 books, along with lifestyle items such as stationery, bookish items, a snack, bath and body items, DIY kits, and more. They love supporting other small shops, and we knew this list of kids activity boxes for summer wouldn't be complete without including beTWEEN the Bookends!

  • Ages: 5 – 13
  • beTWEEN the Bookends Price: 5 Box Types & 3 Age Groups starting at $20. The box shown in the video is $45 – the Full-Size Tween box
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • beTWEEN the Bookends Coupon Code: PINKENVELOPE for 15% off your first month

12.  Bookroo

Bookroo is a monthly kids book club subscription for ages 0-12, that helps your kids fall in love with reading by sending carefully curated books from top publishers in a brightly colored package just for them. They send hidden gems your kids will LOVE, and help you build a BEAUTIFUL library of books stress-free! A Parent Magazine's Top 10 Subscription Services 2017!

Their Board, Picture, and Junior Chapter subscriptions, include beautiful custom edition designs – books that are specialty printed and exclusive to Bookroo subscribers. The books’ custom spines and uniform height make for a beautiful shelf experience you'll want to display prominently in your home, keeping story time front of mind.

  • Ages: 0 – 12
  • Bookroo Price: 2 Box Options!
    • Board and Picture Book clubs – $21.95
    • Junior and Middle-Grade Chapter book clubs – $24.95
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Bookroo Coupon Code: PINK30 for 30% off your first box

13.  Gadget Club

Okay, so most of these are technology-free ideas, but this one is too much of a favorite not to include! If you watched the video, you know that this box is a huge hit! With 3 gadgets per box (1 main gadget + 2 mini gadgets) we thought Gadget Club did a great job sending really fun options. Every gadget comes with a 1-year warranty and they even have a 30-day return policy with each box!

  • Ages: 10+
  • Gadget Club Price: $49.95 Month to Month (they offer pre-pay discounts!)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Gadget Club Coupon Code: THEPINKENVELOPE for $10 off

14.  Wanlow

Wanlow is a brand new box that is geared to ages 7 – 10 years(ish) and provides fun activities and resources that encourage kids to spend more time outside in nature and less time on their digital devices and in front of tv screens. Each month’s box comes with products, activities, and a booklet with learning material and games based around a common theme like Animals, Star Gazing, Gardening, Parks, Outdoor Crafts & Games, and more! 

  • Ages: 7 – 10
  • Wanlow Price: $49.99
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Wanlow Coupon Code: PINK15 for 15% off your 1st box

And that's my list of the 14 Summer Boxes for Kids!

Summer can be so much fun, and even an educational season for your kids, when you have the right tools. I hope this post helps give you some solid boredom-busting options!!

xoxo Samantha

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