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Sunday Lawn Care Reviews 2021 – Organic Lawn Care
Sunday Lawn Care Reviews 2021 – Organic Lawn Care


Sunday Lawn Care Reviews 2021 – Organic Lawn Care

Sunday Lawn Lawn Care Review Before and After Photos

Wow Wow Wow, this before and after is so good. This stuff works!

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Sunday Lawn Care Review

Smart, simple, and easy lawn care subscription service with a new kind of lawn care that gets results without the nasty stuff delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Sunday Lawn Care Cost: plans start at $119 for a whole year
  • Frequency: Varies – Delivered and tailored for your unique lawn
  • Sunday Lawn Care Coupon Code: TPE20 for $20 off
  • What's Inside Sunday Lawn Care:
    • Organic Lawn Care Products that are great for pets & kids!
    • Weed Warrior – I didn't personally like or think was effective
    • Iron Booster – Great product!
    • Mosquito Deleto – Worked okay on the monster Texas mosquitos, but not my preferred method of deterrent
    • Dandelion Doom – Worked well, but too manual. Squeezing the trigger over and over is difficult.
    • Mighty Green – Great product!

In my next Sunday Lawn Care box (arriving in mid-June), I will apply Grass Machine & Lawn Strong. Then in August, I will apply the Iron Booster & Winter Ready. I can't wait because my yard is already looking so much better.

Sunday Lawn Care Review Video

My Sunday Lawn Review & Experience

  • Every plan is based on your soil, climate & lawn (use the soil test they provide to send in samples)
  • Just attach to your water hose and hose it on!
  • Ingredients like seaweed & molasses make Sunday Lawns for People, Pets & the Planet! 
  • Soil test results should be ready within 4 weeks of mailing it in, but I’m at 8 weeks and still haven’t received anything. I plan on reaching out to them to see why.
  • Their website is awesome & your lawn page with your lawn data is very neat!

Overall, I think this is a great, all-natural lawn care subscription service! I have seen a BIG difference in my yard since starting Sunday. It is very easy to apply and it doesn't take long. The box arrives when it is time to fertilize so I don't have to remember the date. All the instructions are in the box so I don't have to remember how to do anything. Sunday Lawn Care makes maintaining a beautiful, safe lawn easy! I LOVE this! Click below to check out the latest deals & use my coupon code, TPE20 for $20 off!

xoxo Samantha

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Sunday Lawn Winterizer Kit
Customized for your yard, your soil, your needs.

Box Coupon Codes

Sunday Lawn

Coupon Code:
TPE 20.00
$20 off your 1st lawn plan

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