From Tea Pray Love:

We believe self care is a necessary part of living, especially in this fast-paced world. At the same time, we know that it is not easy to make time for one's self when other priorities compete for your attention. Thus, at TEA PRAY LOVE, we customize and package self care for YOU – to make life easier and happier for YOU! We know that wellness is about the mind, body, and soul so we capture that with tea (body), pray (mind), and love (soul). Tea Pray Love Unboxing

Price: 3 box options starting at $17.95

Frequency: Bi-Monthly

Coupon Code: WELLNESS20 for 20% off

Recommend: Yes – when the box arrives it is your reminder to take care of YOU!!!

Tea Pray Love

So I give this box a big thumbs up for 3 reasons:

  • Self Care is one of the most overlooked areas in our lives. By subscribing to Tea Pray Love you are holding yourself accountable with little to no work to prioritize yourself!
  • The price point is amazing! $17.95 – $39.95 bi-monthly is a price anyone can afford. You choose which of the 3 options is the best fit for your life and budget.
  • They send applicable, great products. Quality, delicious teas. Full size self care products. AND a book or journal to instruct you in reading or writing your way to zen.

This box, Tea Pray Love Unboxing covers Mind, Body and Soul and it comes to you! I, as a very busy mompreneur am always thankful when I can save time. If I can save time and money…we have reached the holy grail. Thank you TeaPrayLove for taking care of us mompreneurs!

This is my very 1st box to receive from them and I am impressed. I do have a full subscription so I will update this post over the next few months as I receive more product and I, myself, work my way into making zen a priority in my life. Tea Pray Love Unboxing

Here is my 2nd & 3rd Tea Pray Love Unboxings

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